What happened to Joe Biden ending/shutting down the virus?

Boy how often did we hear last year that the reason for this virus was very simple, TRUMP! Why is the virus spreading the way it is, TRUMP! Why are people dying of the virus, TRUMP! The most common explanation put forth by many here on the Left was that Trump did not know how to manage the virus. So the answer to ending the virus was very simple to many here, put in place of Trump the great virus ender Joe Biden. And well that’s absolutely what he promised!

How exactly was he going to do this? I suppose many here believed that he was going to ride in on his unicorn and wave a magic wand and presto the virus would be gone! Just like he did with the various flu viruses, the various cold viruses, etc, etc. Then again what else would one expect of a man with 50 years experience in the Federal government! In all seriousness, here’s the reality, had Hillary been president the the numbers would have been the same as Trumps and had Trump beat Biden the numbers would be what they are now. See the reality is that viruses don’t actually give a rats ass who the president is! They are going to do what they do. Clearly this was as empty a promise as ever been put forth by a presidential candidate.

PS - Regarding the vaccine, prior to becoming president please show us where Joe or Kamala said the key to dealing with the virus was developing the vaccine?


No. He has a plan. He promised. He will implement his plan shortly and all will be good. You’ll see.


Y’all even have real beliefs anymore.

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He lied of course. Smart folks knew it when he said it.

The others :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: just blindly went along.


Now that Biden is in this position, it’s actually always the same with libs…it’s different. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Biden has no clue what he’s saying. And the swamp loves all the money they recieve by mandating purchases…


Doocy got under Gin Sake’s skin yesterday pointing out the obvious fail of Biden using Covid deaths to promote his candidacy in 2020.

He responses were all blatant lies as is the Biden brand.

They never considered that the dying might not end with the vaccine.


biden loves covid. Where would he be without it??


Not the first time she’s repeated that lie from the WH podium.

Or was it the fake WH podium?? Hard to keep track.


Sure. Biden is bubble headed puppet and will say and do anything his faceless puppeteers instruct him to say or do.


You know he does.

Made it possible to sit in the tall chair.

I think he enjoyed his time in the basement also.

Look at this bunch of ■■■■■■■■■



Eventually he’s got to come out of hiding. One way or another, he’s got some splainin to do.

Mark my words.


He never should have dumped Covid deaths on Trump.

Biden needs to answer for this.

Karma is biting him quite hard.

Biden is a low life skunk through and through.


I don’t know a lot about Covid other than when people get it they get this insatiable desire to get on a plane and travel to another country.


Is the coronavirus a big deal or not. You want to hold both answers. Nah son.

Yep. Big deal. But not so big as to justify massive ballot harvesting.

That does seem to be the case.

The global warming green planet gang should be starting with jet fuel net zero and then working down to cars and tractors.

Environmentally friendly dirigible travel is chic.

Super convenient your change of heart when downplaying it isn’t politically advantageous.

I’ve never advocated ballot harvesting.