What happen (politically) if a majority of the senate votes to convict

I know it takes 2/3 to remove him but what will be the political effect if a few republicans join the dems in voting to remove trump. say a 51-49 vote to convict.

what will be the political ramifications and what the effect be in the 2020 election?

What if Unicorns are discovered? Just about as likely as a conviction and removal from office.


I’m not sure there will be much of a side effect if a few Republicans cross over. There’s always been a few in the Senate openly negative about Trump.

I realize you’re wanting to discuss a hypothetical that has no legit chance of happening in reality so I’ll answer from that position.

Donald is impeached, removed from office, and Pence takes over until November’s election. GOP/CEC victim squad claims persecution, fake impeachment, sedition, etc. to whip the base into a frenzy. If the Democratic candidate wins they will immediately move to impeach.

im talking about a majority voting to convict but not enough to remove.

what will be teh political ramifications

Is it even possible to convict and not remove?

Politically speaking, if the Senate vote falls between and including 51-49 to 66-34, a Majority of Senators but not enough to convict, the effect will likely be negligible.

People are already highly polarized in regards to Trump and the scenario you refer to would likely have little effect.

It is not possible, but that is not what the OP was getting at.

The MSM Dem mouthpiece will bitch and moan and flood ongoing “coverage” wall-to-wall.

No different from the coverage of the “impeachment”.

And Trump will still get reelected.


i think it will have an effect on undecided/independents. costing trump even more support

Mike Pence would be sworn in as President and he would have the poltical authority to name a Vice President.

The political issue would be how well Pence and the Senate can sell their actions to the Trump-loving Republican base. Will the base feel betrayed given that Mike Pence does not stir anything like the intense loyalty stirred by Donald Trump? Pence has one advantage. Trump’s base is increasingly identified with the Evangelical community and Pence does not have any of he ethical/moral lapses that the Evangelical community has to overlook when embracing Trump.

All that said, I don’t think enough Republicans are willing to risk the wrath of Trump’s base to proceed with removal. The fix is in.

Factor in Manchin and Jones for acquittal.

Better lock than Romney.


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With the number of GOP Senators up for reelection this cycle being much greater than last cycle, …

I fully expect that the end of the day McConnell is going to place his position in the Senate over the want’s of Trump’s desire for a 100% acquittal from the GOP and will release a handful of GOP Senators in danger this election cycle to allow them to vote to convict.

Not enough to convict, but a few Senators in danger to allow them to go back to the campaign trail and tell the voters in their state “Hey, I voted to convict so don’t elect a DEM.”

It would be a good talking point for Dems but not much of a lasting effect.

Are there any undecideds left? I’m legitimately asking because it seems like the lines have been drawn and cemented by now. Donald has all the support/opposition he’s going to get, and barring something cataclysmic no one is changing sides.

More like driving or suppressing turnout.

True. Donald needs to keep his base motivated to turn out, and the opposition discouraged enough to stay home.

And the eventual democratic opposition doesn’t care about turn out? Lol

It would sure be nice if there were more Republicans like former Republican and Freedom Caucus founder Justin Amash, speaking truth to power. This impeachment trial would be a perfect opportunity for them as well. But alas, we see what the GOP truly believes and how they truly feel in their loyalty being given to a man over the Constitution, the rule of law, or any principles they once claimed to champion.

Oh we can certainly both sides/whatabout it to your heart’s content. Lol :yum: