What “great progess” Has Been Made With NK?

All of you negative nancys will be the reason why no positive progress will be made on the Korean peninsula. If we just believed blindly that positive change will happen, then it might actually happen.

Trump knows how to make deals happen, he is the master negotiator after all. You never see him talk badly about people he’s trying to make a deal with, because he knows that you catch more flies with honey.

I don’t see them shooting missiles over Japan anymore…

Odds are, that if he ever talked to anyone regarding the return of the Korean MIAs, that he talked to their siblings or children. He just doesn’t know when the Korean War happened, so because the people he talked to were old he just assumed they were the parents.

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The two most dangerous things in all the world is sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

  • Dr. Martin Luther King, JR

It’s probably catastrophic if person has both.

I’m going to pray for you.

I’ll pray for you too, brother.

What deals has he masterfully overseen since becoming President ? Did he repeal the ACA? Did he stop funding of Planned Parenthood? Where is his replacement for the ACA? Where is the wall? Where is the deal with Mexico that makes them pay for it?

Again I want to point out that I gave Trump full credit for getting NK to the table and if we end up with a reunited Korea and no more threat from NK I will congratulate the President but he is taking credit for something that has not yet happened yet.

I believe in the power of positive thinking but I don’t believe positive thinking can influence global politics. The President has far more impact on the global stage than all our good thoughts combined.

When was ours?

Think that would hinder us from launching for real?

If you don’t want to put your trust in the man who wrote The Art of the Deal, that’s on you. However, when Trump doesn’t accomplish all of his goals, I’m going blame you for not thinking positive enough.

Tinkerbell would die because of your attitude.

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And in the past when they pretended they were complying they took down old nuke plants, etc.

It’s an act so they can hide the fact they’ve done nothing substantive.

What great progress?

NK is now a nuclear power.

Kim Jong Un manipulated Fat Donald into bringing “little rocket man” up to the worlds adult table.

MAGA :us:

military exercises were stopped.

oh did we mean progress that benefits this side of the pond…oops

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That’s some pretty fancy trumpslaining there. :roll_eyes:… yeah… that’s it!

You ain’t nuked yet. Are you?

No one has cheered the brutal dictator more than Trump. Heaped praises on him… bowed to him… treated him more respectfully than our allies.

That’s called diplomacy. Just because Obama couldn’t do it doesn’t mean Trump shouldn’t.




Probably the funniest Trumpsplaining I’ve ever heard!!!

By that logic every previous President has achieved success with NK which means Trump has done nothing special.

That’s you basis for a successful deal between Trump and lil’kim?!? :rofl:

Trump is as great as every previous President. Thank you for seeing the light.

Sucks to be a dem waking up every morning invested in hoping and wishing Trump fails. A make-believe special la la land. Back to your damp dank basements wi’ ye. Scoot.