What “great progess” Has Been Made With NK?

Even though Pompeo was publicly snubbed and NK sent a strong message just how little they think of Trumps administration or any administration for that matter, Trump still has the audacity to declare “great progress”.

Here is a great article which details the talks that should have taken place and provides context for why these are so important for America.

So can all the Trump supporters out there explain exactly what great progress has been made ? Has NK provided any evidence of denuclearization?

I understand how the military is a cornerstone of American culture and Americans quite rightly are protective of their military. This was evidenced in the recent outrage at the spoofing of Sarah Palin by Sasha Baron Cohen. Lots of outrage about how dare he use the image of an injured veteran for laughs and to ridicule the momma of the right wing. Yet NK ignore a meeting about repatriating the remains of very real American veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and we hear nothing but crickets.

The fact the NK shows such disdain for something so important to Americans should be a leading story n the likes of Fox and Breitbart but not one outraged headline.

Isn’t this proof that NK has zero respect for Trump and all Trump has done has given the regime a propaganda coup?

Aside from Trump’s lies, they got nuttin.

Of course, to a Trump supporter he’s singlehandedly crippled NK’s ability to procure nuclear weapons. Just ask em… they’ll regurgitate the falsehoods all the live long day.

Freezing ballistic missile launches is something. It’s not a lot and it could end anytime, but it’s not nothing.

Well, NK came out pretty good - they got the US / SK military exercises cancelled. Oh, and Kim got some good publicity and legitimacy from shaking hands with an American president.

Other than that, I can’t think of anything major…

As with pretty much every topic, your average Trumpist lives in their own version of reality where the actual facts simply don’t matter. Trump is simultaneously the best leader and biggest victim in political history.

The orange idiot got a nice letter from Kim as a souvenir, that’s about it.

The legitimization of Junior Kim was the only great progress made. Now he has a seat at the table and the attention he has thirst for as a person of power on the world’s stage.

Good job 45! Damn good job.

Thee best stationary, incredible stationary, stationary like no one has seen before!


Libs cheering on a brutal dictator. What’s new? How about we focus on all the good Trump has done for the world. He said it himself that NK is no longer a threat; why can’t we believe that’s true? It certainly couldn’t hurt.

It’s all behind the scenes. I was assured of that a few weeks ago.

When was the last nuke or ICBM test?

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"Did you see that? He called me Your Excellency! Just a great guy, amazing guy. Very, very smart, very, very capable. A stable genius, really.

I don’t know, it’s what I heard. Also? NATO sucks."

Those “hundreds” of 120 year old parents of Korean war MIA Trump is talking to aren’t happy, that’s for sure.

It’s all smoke and mirrors.

It was actually thousands.

Indeed, we should all take the time to thank the mountain that fell on their test facility. Like literal mountain.


Wow, thousands! That’s a lot of 120 year old parents of Korean MIA’s out there. Who knew?

I’m still trying to do the math on this and I keep getting 117 to 125 as the approximate age of all these parents begging for the remains of their love ones.

Whatever Holy grail they drinking out of I need to find that darn cup of a carpenter, choose wisely and chug-a-lug.

LOL! Not sure if anyone got that Indiana Jones reference. :grinning:

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No one is cheering on a brutal dictator. In fact the only person who seems to be talking positive about the NK regime is Trump. I have always said if Trump presided over the reunification of Korea and the end of the NK threat I will be the first to congratulate him; however Trump wants immediate credit before anything happens so if he wants that then it’s valid to criticize him without waiting for the longer term.

But Kim called Trump his excellency so we know he is all excited about that.

I wonder why those ancient old bereaved parents waited until now to show up?