What exactly is establishing a religion?

The ammendment says " Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercize thereof…"

This is what it says, but it has been deliberately misunderstood and misapplied to deny Americans exactly that; the right to freedom of religion.

One of the big things that has been denied to Christians under the misuse of this ammendment is parents getting to use their tax dollars to send their children to a private Christian school. How exactly would this be unconstitutional? How would this “establish a religion”?

By the state establishing a religion like the Church of England?

Good topic and probably the most misunderstood and intentionally misrepresented line in the BOR.

It is “An” establishment of religion not “The” establishment of religion.

Congress is forbidden to get involved in religion at all under the 1st.

Congress Shall Make No Law, establishes complete religious neutrality they should be making no law whatsoever with respect to any religion.

Nope. Congress violates the 1st by making any law that would forbid you from using your vouchers or similar programs to put your kids through parochial school.

Worth noting that it’s not just CoE schools that are publicly funded here.

I was sent to a Catholic school (on paper I was CoE), where attendance of mass was mandatory as was religious education in Catholic dogma, regardless of what religious beliefs the student held. It wasn’t a private school, fully (or 90%) publicly funded, with the requirement that they also have non-Catholic students.

I’m not sure those decrying the supposed freedom of religion violations would be so happy to see Islamic schools also receiving tax dollars.

If that’s how parents choose to use their vouchers etc it’s their choice.

Freedom of religion also means freedom to choose Islam.

I didn’t say forcing parents to send their children to Christian school, it would be ALLOWING that choice. Without coercion, how would that be “establishing” a religion?

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I think it would be constitutional to allow local tax dollars to go to the private christian or muslim or scientology school through voucher. It also think it would constitutional to eliminate all tax dollars for private schools as well.

It’s all about not favoring one religion over another, and I think this is better left to the local community to decide, not lawyers in Washington California or Texas.

Because there are no tax breaks for private (non-Christian) schools compared to private (Christian) schools.

Private Christian schools (K-12) are treated exactly the same as private non-Christian (K-12) schools.

In addition the tax exemption for post secondary education are the same whether attending a public school (college/university) as they are for attending a private non-Christian school (college/university) as they are for attending a private Christian school (college/university).
You would have a case if private tuition in a accredited non-Christian school was deductible but tuition in a accredited Christian school was not deductible.

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The argument is, sending public tax dollars to a primarily religious institution is publicly funding that religion.

Actually, any private school- it isn’t about religion.

It isn’t just a school issue. It’s other issues like government buildings not being able to display the ten commandments or nativity scenes. It’s teachers not being able to even mention Christ…


Why should my tax dollars be spent on silly religious symbols that mean nothing to me?

Unless they are also doing for all religious holidays like Kwanzaa and Ramadan then it is an example of the government choosing 1 religion over another

Would you be fine with it being the Quran’s version of the 10 commandments?

I’m not saying you should have to. Just allow other parents the option to use THEIR tax dollars to send their children to the school if their choice.

Thats not how paying taxes works. We don’t get a say in how it’s spent other than a vote. Just like I cant opt out of supporting the military-industrial complex by filling out where I want my money spent

Why, when engaging in a secular education would a teacher mention “Christ”?

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