What Ever Happened to "The Resistance"?

We know these bureaucrat saboteurs were running wild during the last 4 years, but where are they now??

And please don’t say something as ridiculously stupid as “they voted for biden/harris” or something similar.

No one can possibly be in favor of having unelected gubmint lowlifes sabotaging the opposition party each election cycle.

So, where are they??

Who are you talking about?

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Mad Maxine merry lynch mob? Yeah that sort of dwindled away.

It was a conspiracy theory and never real.


Don’t believe what you see and saw then, believe what you are told now.


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The resistance successfully completed their coup against the elected government, and they have declared the American voters to be enemies of the state.

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Isn’t that article about her fundraising people to get elected to office?

I found this wiki page.

And this really long article.

It sounds like Richard Painter was one of the head guys. He use to appear on NBC and worked for G.W. Bush. And from the get-go did not like Trump one bit. It sounds like they were into organizing a lot of protests and used social media a lot.
Funny how the Lincoln Project made quite a splash making their television bits.

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True, except that there was no coup, and they have declared no such thing

The American voters that voted for Biden?


Yeah what did happen to the single issue political group that wanted to make sure Trump was defeated in the 2020 election? It’s really quite the mystery.

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If you have proof of either claim, I’d be happy to look at it


Yes, certainly anyone who voted for Trump is openly declared an enemy of the state.

As the regime consolidates its power it keeps expanding the list of enemies. Anyone who does not blindly follow the twists and turns of the partly line will be targeted eventually.

For example if you are a young healthy Black man who does not trust the government and refuses to get the vaccine, expect that government will be targeting you for harassment and abuse.


Anybody can “declare” anything that they want


Do you know that if even a NY Times reporter declares something, it does not carry the imprimatur of the state?

You guys should quit beclowning yourselves.

The left loved guys like this. Some of you ^^^^ even bought and read their books.

Quit pretending you don’t know what we’re discussing here.

They are a state-controlled newspaper of record.

The hundreds arrests, many in pre-dawn SWAT team raids, and dozens held in abusive conditions by the federal government of January 6 protestors is further proof.

Contrast that response to that for a violent mob attacking Senator Rand Paul and other congressional Republicans. The difference makes sense if you accept Senator Paul is a de facto enemy of the state as well.


Clearly, you don’t know what state controlled means. You really should know the meanings of words before you start throwing them around willy nilly.

As to your “evidence” that arresting criminals means ya’ll have been declared “enemies of the state”, I have a single word response: weak.

You have been posting here quite a while. I am surprised that you haven’t yet learned that these sweeping and grandiose claims ya’ll make rarely survive scrutiny outside the CEC bubble.