What emoluments clause? Mike Pence staying at a Trump hotel in Ireland many miles from Dublin where he's doing business

While in Ireland, Mike Pence’s accomodations are at a hotel in Doonbeg owned by Donald Trump on the west coast of Ireland, the other side of the country from Dublin where Pence is doing his official government business. The hotel is 181 miles away, which takes an hour car ride and a 40 minute flight to get to. You mean there are no other hotels in Ireland?

“If you have a chance to get to Doonbeg you’ll find it’s a fairly small place. The opportunity to stay at Trump National in Doonbeg, to accommodate the unique footprint that comes with our security detail and other personnel made it logical,” was Pence’s excuse.

You mean there are no other hotels in Ireland? Actually, there are. Many others.

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Emoluments Clause doesnt really apply, since it’s the Federal Government paying the tab, not a foriegn government.

It’s just good, old fashioned corruption and self-dealing.


You’re right. It’s just more money in the president’s pocket, though. Didn’t Trump say he was distancing himself from his businesses? Doesn’t look that way.

Somehow, when Obama visited his ancestral home of Moneygall, Ireland, the govt had no problem staying in a not-Trump hotel.

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Crossed that one off his bucket list.

You have no problem with Pence and his security detail staying at a hotel that he has to drive and fly to every day? Wasting our tax dollars in order to give Trump’s hotel a boost?

Travel perks, folks. Try getting a job with one. lol

We’ll send you the bill.

No worries, you’ll be splitting the tab with me. :wink:

Nope. You seem happy about the whole thing. I gladly let you take it all.

Yeah, but it’s not up to you, like everything else in this country. :wink:

My daily outrage meter is not fluctuating at all.

The same goes for you, which is pretty much the mood on this forum that the world is conservative because your candidate won. Ain’t so.


I just don’t utilize the internet for the sole purpose of complaining about it. :wink:

Give that advice to your friends who whine about non-existent gun bans and other faux outrages.

Just as soon as you advise your friends that other people get to have rights that you don’t like.

Lets go do that together. I’ll even hold your hand. lol

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People get to have rights but they’re not unrestrained.

I didn’t think you had it in you anyway. No worries. Time for you to come get that last word in. :wink:

“US vice-president Mike Pence described his return to the Co Clare village of Doonbeg where his great-grandmother grew up as “very moving.””

Mr Pence recalled travelling to Ireland as a 22-year-old in 1981, the year his Co Sligo-born grandfather Richard Michael Cawley died. He stayed in the country for a month-and-a-half on that visit.

The former US congressman and Indiana governor, who last visited Doonbeg in 2013, said that he was supposed to have travelled with his grandfather on the earlier visit, but ended up coming to Ireland with a great-aunt after the death of his grandfather that year. He worked behind the bar at Morrissey’s and cut turf on the visit.

“We travelled all over but we stayed here in Doonbeg for several weeks and they made me work for my keep. I worked in the pub part of the day and I worked in the bog,” he said."

You can bet that this stated history is now being verified by at least a dozen journalists. Probably more than if he had made a statement about the economy or war in the Middle East.

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Pence is just doing his part to make the Trump Organization Great Again!