What does this even mean?


What exactly does he want here? A strong military in Europe or a weak one?

Does he still not realize how NATO works?

Is he just this willfully ignorant?

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Hahaha, just reading your title I knew it was going to be a dumb Donnie tweet.


Trump truly is an idiot

The United States has always defended Europe, because the military power in Europe is weak. If Germany pays more for its army, they may be as strong as the US, but they are weak. It seems they never care about their military power. See how weak they are during W.W. 1 and 2. The United States must defend Europe because Germany is too weak. Europe must pay for a large army, or they should give the US more money for NATO. This is the only way. When Germany pays so little, the United States does not have to protect Germany.

Well that certainly clears that up.



“The idea of a European Military didn’t work out too well in W.W. I or 2.”

Now there is a sentence.

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I know … right?

The first sentence is in direct opposition to the rest of the tweet.

It is like the ramblings of an ignorant drunk blowhard who sits at the end of the neighborhood bar all day.

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Ummmmmm… you do realize WW2 was all out war and that Hitler’s army was so strong that it took over virtually all of Europe with the help of Italy and Japan. And that without the help of Soviets and a nuke we might not have been as successful in helping?

So Trump was against a European military before he was for a European military?

I don’t know how someone can read this and still support him. He is so dumb. I mean horrifyingly dumb.


He just wants German to pick up their fair share of defense instead of blowing it on bratwursts and lederhosen.

We have a long history of working closely with the German government going back to D-Day.

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If Europe had spent more money on their armed forces before World War II, Hitler’s army could hardly have captured almost the entire European area. This is a problem in Europe, and it has always been so, that’s why it’s so important that the US military is so strong. Look at the price Germany paid for NATO. That is why they are so weak. If they are not so weak, they do not need our help during World War II or even now. I do not know why we tolerate deadbeats like Germany.

Yeah, it is.

It’s amazing. I’m going to forget Trump even said this, in like, a week. But for now I can appreciate the full hilarity of the picture of Trump thinking, " folks, a european miliatary…a bad idea. I always said so. No one believed me. Sad!"

once again it is hard to tell if someone is saying something so mind numbingly dumb to parody a trump supporter of because they are a trump supporter…


It’s not hard to understand that Europe should pay their fair share percentage wise as in 4.3% of their GDP’s, it will still be less then the 4.3% that the USA contributes but percentage wise it’s equal, but I guess some people have a hard time understanding. :roll_eyes:

The US doesn’t contribute 4.3% of our GDP to NATO.

He wants a strong Euro military as part of NATO so the USA does not have to bear the brunt if the weak kneed Europeans are attacked again! It’s not hard to understand!

Exactly what is the problem with the tweet, the % amount mentioned or the way he said it? He said the USA was there to help in both world wars 1&2 and we will be there again but he wants fairness in the amount contributed. Once again its not hard to understand if you want to!

I’m not sure how you managed to get the system to attribute that quote to me, but that’s not my quote.

My apologies, I copied it without double checking the source of the comment, my bad!