What does civilian oversight mean?

Would this be the same China that threatened to nuke Japan, invade Taiwan, made fun of India for all the people dying during covid on state tv, and has millions locked away being tortured in concentration camps? Sounds like they have their own brand of craziness going on and have no room to wag their fingers at anyone.

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Milley should face trial for Treason. Simple as that.

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All 15 or just Milley?

Anyone in on the coup.

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Of course it is!

We are talking about the highest ranking general (by virtue of being CJoS) calling an adversary and revealing military secrets. Play it out: a first strike is entirely in the perview of The CiC. Congress need not be consulted.

However, this comes into tension with the Mad King. When Milley swears the oath, he pledges to the Constitution and the president. So, which is the higher obligation? Should we accept this extra constitutional guard rail?

And remember, this must be considered with the knowledge that no such strike was ordered, although that is hindsight.

So, play that out. Who decides it is a mad king? Are we going to allow generals to take war making abilities to themselves? If not, what sort of precedent does this set? THAT is the conundrum.


I think that may be the solution. I tend to err on the side that opposes the mad king, but what if he loses? What is the implication for future generals who take action to prevent unlawful, if not catastrophic military action?

Also, trial? Should it not be a court martial?

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Don’t be simple. There is a great deal more at stake here than Chinese Saber rattling.

Whoa. Yeah no.

Conservatives supporting the right of the executive to start a unilateral preemptive war using nuclear weapons. My how times have changed.

Umm yes, no time to convene congress when ICBM’s are in bound.

Article 1 Section 8

Man I remember when you guys freaked out about Obama threatening Syria with missiles as a usurpation of Congressional power. This would be that times 1 million.

Ah. Acting Sec of Def Miller says the call in January was not made with his knowledge and Milley says that it was. So it may come to a disputed matter of fact.

I remember when Conservatives were cool with assassinating a foreign dignitary of a country we weren’t at war with on the soil of a country we had an agreement with not to do such things. Because winning or something.

Well apparently he didn’t say “you’ll see” he said something like “I’ll let you know” which is a BIG difference and it says treason to me!

I think it was because he was in on killing American citizens…or something.

We are talking about an unprovoked first strike. Not a retaliatory response launched ICBMS.

It would if he actually let them know. When Milley told them that he knew that there was zero chance that we were going to attack China and he knew he would not be letting them know anything.

Yes. From the guy who was hanging out with foreign dictators who murdered US citizens while fawning over them. Convenient.

You can’t get them all…or blow up every evil government.

As long as we go back on our word to do it, it’s all good. :roll_eyes: