What does a politician have to do before being dumped by the people?

On the contrary.

He knows I’m a Republican, presumably, because of posts I’ve made which reveal my Republican bent.

He’s just never seen the ones in which I excoriate Trump as that man deserves.

I was thinking more along the lines of the guy exhibiting extremely poor judgement.

Getting so drunk that he can’t even speak to a cop?

Yeah, he’s in a private hotel room where it’s his own business what he’s doing.

But I then thought of the circumstances.

He’s in the same room with a guy who overdoses on crystal meth.

Are we to believe he wasn’t doing crystal meth either?

Yeah, the cops let him go, but that could be another situation where the guy pulled a few strings to get let loose.

Just like politicians before him, and sadly, after him, will do.

Don’t see how he could have missed it.

To learn how to be vicious…not to mention childish…one need look no further than our commander-in-chief.

I too was surprised at that.

But perhaps he doesn’t read every single post in threads.

Dude, you are so desperate to cover for your liberalism that you’ve started a series of posts on cherry-picked, low-hanging fruit in opposition to this-lib or that-tactic…

And the second you stepped off the lib bandwagon, other libs started attaching you.


We have a fine commander in chief. Far superior to his predecessor.

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Good point.

I don’t disagree that this should sink his political career. I was just replying to this comment;

but he should face the exact same consequences that any Joe off the street would face if caught in the same situation

If he is to face “consequences” like any Joe Schmoe off the street, there should be a crime .

Remember this guy Marion Barry?


Gillum holds no elected position and is not a candidate for anything.

That said, yes this would probably preclude me from voting for him in the future.

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A serial killer against abortion running on the GOP ticket would get your vote?

Well for democrats vehicular manslaughter isn’t enough to dump someone, so I don’t know what the limit is.

Hell, that might be a resume enhancer when it comes to running for President.

Has Biden or Sanders driven anyone into a lake and left them for dead? Inquiring minds want to know. That’s who gets my vote!

Well, to be honest, hiring prostitutes to put diapers on a Republican politician while his wife is home with his babies earns you a standing ovation from the other Republican politicians, so…

So trump never killed anyone, and you’re using him to justify Teddy’s actions. I shouldn’t expect anything else.

I don’t know…But heard one could shoot someone on 5th and not lose any support.

It’s hard to take any criticism of Trump seriously from any Dems from the state of Massachusetts.


Had Trump shot anyone on 5th Avenue? Not that I know of… but Teddy killed a woman and easily kept getting re-elected. Almost even became President.

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A lot of whataboutism in this thread. Did Teddy even do anything wrong?

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