What does a politician have to do before being dumped by the people?

According to reports, Andew Gillum, former candidate for governor of Florida, was found in a Florida hotel room so drunk that he couldn’t talk to police when they came to check on a crystal meth overdose of one of his friends.

Gillum was allowed to return home- God knows if he drove himself in his car or took an Uber or if the cops called him a cab.

Now, call me a prude, cuz I have never gotten drunk - basically because I can t stand the taste of alcohol - but to me a politician who gets as blind drunk as that is not fit to be representing any constitutuents.

Yet he’s only one of many politicians on both sides of the aisle who pull stuff like this and get re-elected. (Not that Gillum is seeking re-election right now, but I think his political career should be over.)

I don’t necessarily condone his behavior or actions here, but I do like his governing policies, so meh… let him continue.

In actuality, this should not only end his political career, but he should face the exact same consequences that any Joe off the street would face if caught in the same situation. That’s some BS right there…

I’m sure someone other than God knows if he drove himself home.

I don’t know if it would disqualify me from voting for them, maybe it would lead to more people running against him.

Sounds like a potential future “Lion of the Senate” to me.

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For me it really depends on the circumstances.

If this is a primary, I would look in a different direction in order to avoid having this become an issue in the general election.

In the general election, I would always go with the candidate best fitting my political persuasion. Thus if I’m a democrat, I would vote for the DEM every time. If I’m a Republican I would vote for the GOP candidate every time.

My assumption is that every candidate has skeletons in their closet waiting to be discovered. That allows me to focus only on the issues.

right. as a democrat this wont matter

Is that all he did??? It’s not like he got drunk, drove off a bridge and left a young woman to drown while he went home to sober up. Now THAT would be a career ender…

Oh, wait a minute. :thinking:


From what I’ve heard he is on Biden’s short list for VP.

It’s probably a ploy for re-election by libs? I mean…it worked for Marion Barry…amirite? :sunglasses:

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And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we keep getting sorry candidates. The parties know there is a large contingent of people out there that care more about the letter of the alphabet behind someone’s name than they do the candidate themselves when they are voting. When a society has that kind of mindset, why bother working to ensure that you, as a party, are nominating good quality candidates.


Using your logic, someone would make their choice based on the number of skeletons in a candidate’s closet that were successfully uncovered during the course of a campaign. That person would then carefully weigh which one is the most desirable from a character perspective. They would then vote for that person, irrespective of whether or not they agree with any of their positions on the issues.

No thanks! :roll_eyes:

Or you could, you know. look for someone who believed the same way you did by looking at their record of putting those beliefs in practice both in life and work (no looking at party affiliation needed) AND someone who had character, and vote for them.

But I know that requires actual work.

Raging alcoholic and GOP hero Matt “Drunko” Gaetz waves hello!


gaetz is not a raging alcoholic

leftwit twitter strikes again i see

How do you know this? Proof?

Or is this based on “feelings” and “hopes”?

it’s not on me to prove a negative

nice try

In most places, an accusation is usually accompanied by proof? I see with you…as usual…it’s different? :sunglasses:

What was his crime?

Actually it shows how vicious libs here are when something smacks of an anti-lib post. They’re willing to eat their own when it comes to the wasp-nest attacks.

Looks that way.