What Do You Think of Trump's Claim Here?

As we’ve been discussing Whataboutism in its various forms and manifestations, knee-jerk and otherwise, I was wondering about Trump’s remarks in his Fox News interview. He was unhappy with the coverage of the bomber-guy, and among other things, he contrasted it to the news coverage of the Dylann Roof shooting:

President Trump complained Monday about the news coverage he has received related to the alleged pipe bomber, saying a different standard was applied to then-President Barack Obama when nine black worshipers were killed at a church in Charleston, S.C., during his tenure.

Trump highlighted the contrast during a wide-ranging interview with Laura Ingraham of Fox News, who pointed out that Cesar Sayoc, who allegedly sent more than a dozen mail bombs to leading Democrats and CNN, was a big Trump fan. None of the devices exploded.

“I was in the headline of The Washington Post, my name associated with this crazy bomber,” Trump said. “They didn’t do that with President Obama with the church, the horrible situation with the church — they didn’t do that.”


Do you think that this particular comparison is a valid argument on his part? How do you respond to this? He also talked about the Hodgkinson shooting, but the Rooff comparison was more striking.

Did Roof drive aroundin a van with pictures of Obama’s on it?

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I think what you mean is: Did Roof live in a van with Obama’s pictures on it?

Every single time this man opens his mouth I continue to be flabbergasted that there are people supporting him and actually believe he is incredibly intelligent. The dumbing down of our society has not only begun, but we are in full swing at this point.

Um…President Trump?

A white supremacist went in and shot up a black church.

Why, exactly, should Obama have been treated in the same manner as you have been with these three incidents last week.

You think OBAMA inspired Dylan Roof to do what he did?

Obama was black and the victim were black so clearly there was a connection!

It’s pretty obvious that Obama’s continued disparaging remarks about the Black, churchgoing community, as well as his overt embrace of white nationalists was what radicalized Dylan Roof.

Fake news enemy of the people CNN of course only covered his messiah rallies.

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Did Roof’s family say that Obama was like the father he never had?


Pathetic, yet predictable.

Actually yes, Obama did inspire Roof. Because having a black President convinced the racist piece of trash that The Blacks were taking over.

Watch the mealy-mouthed white moderates barge into this thread and play defense for Trump.

Poor Donny TrumpFlake

Right…but Trump thinks Obama should have been treated negatively by the press for that?

Yes, because Trump is kinda of a racist.

The problem then is when the media points out or starts talking about how different both incident were, the reaction by both president and other purely factual stuff it’s automatically assumed the media is attacking him. How can you have rational discussion when things are like that?
Less then 24 hours after the bombs were shipped to a major media outlet he calls em fake news, rails against one of the democrats who had a bomb shipped by calling him crazy scum( can’t remember the exact phrase) but somehow we, the media and everyone else have to keep quiet and accept that this should be normal…not only no but ■■■■ no!

Trump is a perpetual victim, so none of those remarks are surprising.


I swear this guy is like Forrest Trump.

Believe it or not, I wasn’t planning on this being another point-and-laugh/snark/pile-on thread.

It occurred to me that some people might find this particular comparison/contrast sensible or persuasive. Maybe not.

Maybe even the red hatters can’t defend this one.

I think you maybe “misunderestimating” them. I think they can. Just need to find the right angle.