What Do You Think of Trump's Claim Here?

Trump will say anything that pops into his head at any given moment, regardless of whether it makes sense or not, or whether it is true or not. He reacts purely on child-like impulses. He can contradict himself within the same sentence if he suddenly gets the “feeling” that something isn’t good about what he said in the first half of a thought. He’s just like his supporters - people driven by free floating fear, anxiety and “feelings” about the world around them. Totally unattached to facts; just a “feeling” that they are at risk and the world is unfair. Things as simple as overhearing someone speak a foreign language while on line at McDonalds triggers them. Unfortunately there are several million people like this in America, more than anywhere else.


When you’re in the Trump cult, you support everything about him and everything he says.

I find myself wondering if Trump truly doesn’t understand the failure of his analogizing. I mean, that he could actually be that dim? Or if he knows it’s ■■■■■■■■ but is cynically talking up his Press is out to get me! complaint for his unthinking followers. I think the latter is more likely but I’m not sure. Maybe one of his followers could help me out with that.

There was an absolute nexus between Trump and the pipe bomber. I mean, when his targets were all Trump opponents and he apparently idolized Trump, its hard not to make a connection. Now if media implied that Trump was causing the pipe bomber to do this, then that is a different argument.
Trump would have had a better argument if he had talked about the synagogue killer, where Trump has shown no signs of anti semitism but has been connected by some to this…such as some posters. That is a better case.

Oh really? That ■■■■■■■ lived in that van? Yikes.

…except for calling himself a nationalist, laughing at the crowd chanting to lock a jew up, his repeated globalist dog whistles, him saying he likes the guys with yamulkas counting his money, his crack to the jewish group about he likes to drive a hard bargain just like ‘them’, you mean, right?

A nationalist is simply someone who puts their country first, not someone who hates Jews.

No one cried “lock a Jew up”. Likely you are referencing some comment about Soros. His Jewish background does not make him immune from criticism any more than the Koch brothers background makes them immune. Soros is criticized for giving money to left wing causes.

Again, globalist just means someone who does not put their country first. It has nothing to do with Judaism. The whistle is in the head of those who want to pretend that’s what he means.

Counting money is bad? I was an auditor. I’m OK with counting money.

And as far as “Soros” being synonymous with Jew, is Jared synonymou with Jew because he is Jewish? When Trump says Jared and Trumps daugher are coming to dinner, is that code for “the Jews are coming to dinner?”

The fact that media out there have concocted this whole fairy tale of imagined anti Semitic dogwhistles says a lot more about that media than about Trump.

However, Naftali Bennett, the Israeli minister for diaspora affairs, took issue with those he said were “using this horrific anti-Semitic act to attack President Trump.”

“This is unfair and wrong,” said Bennett, who rushed to Pittsburgh after the shootings to offer Israel’s support to city’s Jewish community. “President Trump is a true friend of the state of Israel and to the Jewish people. With President Trump we never have to worry if he has our backs.”

Dermer also backed Trump, saying he was “not aware of a single non-Israeli leader that has made such a strong statement in condemning anti-Semitism.”

What would OBAMA have done or supported that would have made Dylan Roof go and shoot nine black people. OBAMA certainly didn’t make any claims that black people were bad, or that white southern racists were good Americans did he? I can’t seem to remember anything controversial that OBAMA did that made a young white kid want to kill nine church goers of any color.

Cesar Sayoc however, has undoubtedly heard Trump call to use violence against violence, aggression against protesters. He had been to atleast one Trump Rally. Trump has actually said to supporters with regard to protesters. Punch them in the face. I promise you I will pay your legal fees.

There has been a lot of things OBAMA has done I disagreed with, didn’t like or flat out was against. I can’t remember ever hearing him ask supporters to use violence against protesters or people who spoke out against OBAMA. I may be wrong, and correct me if I am. I posted several examples of what Trump said at these rallies during the election last week in other threads. We have proof in his words.

The bottom line is that his actions were not the same as OBAMA’s with regard to his inciting violence. Therefore he cannot compare Sayoc with Roof, nor can he compare Himself and his treatment by the media to OBAMA.

He certainly didn’t make guns and bullets in a van with OBAMA’s pictures on it did he?

I’m still new here, so I’m sure I’ll piss some people off, but: why don’t people respond directly to questions or issues raised by an OP? Why do they so often just jump to “libs gonna lib” or vice versa?

I’ve read every post so far, and it wasn’t until post 29 by Konssurvative1, five hours later, that someone directly addressed the question. Trump displayed an almost comical (and pretty typical) inability to think critically. He said a mass shooting occurred, and people blamed me, but they didn’t blame Obama when a mass shooting occurred. It’s a ridiculous parallel. A better analogy, at least, would be the Scalise shooting, though of course that didn’t occur on Obama’s watch: rhetoric from one political faction was extrapolated by a nutjob into a violent attack on the opposing political faction.