What Do You Think of Gorsuch's Assessment of US History

You do have that right?

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Those books are porn.

I appreciate this is one of the few replies that addressed the topic.

I understand your argument to be that Gorsuch is correct because the Covid lockdowns affected more people than any of the alternatives I offered.

I disagree that number of people affected is the sole determinant because those people retained the power protest those actions, to file court cases to challenge those actions and to vote the people who imposed the mandates out of office.

Contrast that with slavery: that was imposed on people by violence and in which the enslaved were blocked from any means to end their slavery, except for rare cases where masters allowed slaves to earn enough money to purchase freedom.

Curtailment of liberty imposed on people through violence with no viable means of upending that curtailment is substantially worse than a curtailment imposed with all the democratic safeguards to end the curtailment of liberty in place.

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As did your oppressed group. You don’t know your history.

As was panhysteria

There was a war.

Or slaves

Liberty is a permission. No switching.

Violence was used in the most recent case.

What constitutes a proof in this matter. Differing opinions have been offered and while people offering those opinions believe they are each in the right, how does proof enter into this?

What am I missing in my history. I am familiar with “Slavery” by Stanley Elkins, “Roll Jordan Roll” by Eugene Genovese, “From Slavery to Freedom” by John Hope Franklin and both of Frederick Douglass’ autobiographies. What history are you referring to.

Cite any sentence in Ruby Bridge’s book that is pornographic. There is nothing pornographic about it.

Try court cases

It is extremely porn.

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As was panhysteria

There was a war.

Now you are just making things up, Lockdown and mask mandates were announced and they were enforced spottily. Where was the violence

Yes there was a war to end slavery after two hundred years of slavery, not the less than two years of lockdowns you are so upset about. But more importantly, that war was not started by the slaves.

Your sense that you are the greatest of all victims in US history is a bit grandiose to say the least.

A majority of Americans continue see the point of lockdowns and mask mandates. Do you think a majority of slave would have endorsed their enslavement?

For one you admitted it.

You are trying to bate me. I asked for a quote and you give me your fantasy.

Show everyone the passage in Ruby Bridges’ book that offends your sensitivities.

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Woefully uninformed.

Learn to use the quote function Mr. “Scientist from an elite university no less”

That is what is happening. You don’t like it and want to force others to do what you want.

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The left wants everyone to run their schools according to what the left wants. Sounds like authoritarians to me. Funny thing is conservative leaning school districts are not trying to force leftist school districts to remove certain books from their school libraries. Unlike the left.

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