What Do You Think of Gorsuch's Assessment of US History

An interesting insight into how one Supreme Court Justice views American history.

Neil Gorsuch, in the decision declaring the Title 42 matter finished because the Cover emergency had ended added this comment:

“Since March 2020, we may have experienced the greatest intrusions on civil liberties in the peacetime history of this country.”

Do you agree: Were the Covid restrictions the greatest intrusion into Civil Liberties in peacetime.

Greater than:

– Legal slavery in the United States
– The murder of hundreds of thousands of fetuses
– The displacement and wholesale slaughter of Native Americans
– The compromise of 1876 and the wholesale stripping of rights from African-
– The years of legal racial segregation
– The suppression of political opposition during the twenties (the Palmer Raid period)
– The suppression of political opposition during the McCarthy Period
– The FBI’s wholesale disruption of political opposition during the Civil Rights Movement and the Movement Against the Vietnam War (the Cointelpro Period)

Could it be that a lack of historical perspective is shaping the decisions of this Supreme Court Justice?

No, I don’t agree. It’s hyperbole.

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Why makes that three years of disruption outweigh decades of slavery as a curtailment of Civil Liberties?

I think we may need to put some of those book Republicans are banning the schools back in so people can learn US history.


The entire population was violated.


I’m a liberal. I also know more about history than you ever will even if you devote the rest of your life to to the topic.


Wow you are ignorant of what is being banned. Get better sources, yours are so lacking they might as well be a 2 year Olds fridge scribbles.


Nothing is being banned.

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I had fails at thinking of a better term


Might you share a little of your wisdom for the benefit of those who cannot match you magnificence?

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He does here everyday.


Repeatedly, to the sound of thunderous bootlicker applause.

The Left - goon arm of the government. Full circle. :wink:


Your premise fails: Nothing is not being banned; but books are being banned. Try to stay on topic WW.

Name a booked bring banned?

“This Is Your Time” by Ruby Bridges.

Government banned all sales in US?

Most bans are being carried out under State law so don’t apply at a national level.

Can you tell me what is objectionable about the book I mentioned, which has been removed from numerous school and public libraries?

No idea I have never heard of it. You tell me. But we both know that is not what you were talking about. You are not smart enough to think you can con us.

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It recounts Bridges experiences ending racial discrimination in a public school. It is being banned because historical truth makes some people uncomfortable.


^ Ruby Bridges.