What do you call it when both sides lose?


Given that I am not a Trump supporter I may be biased. Maybe the senate seats that were lost came in on Obama’s coat tails. maybe they were really red seats anyway.

The fact is there is little policy discussion, it reminds me of Clinton in 1998, but people liked Bill.

I would prefer that somebody took a leadership role in policy explanation and discussion as opposed to dueling talking points with no substance.

we do not talk about deficits since 2009, last word was they are immoral.

we do not talk about the role of government in a free society, we do not bring up things that matter.


Democrats won 22 Senate Races. Republicans won 13. That’s how difficult the senate map was.


It was a lost. Obama’s loss was due to passing Obama care. Trump did better than Clinton too. But, I’d much rather kept the house.

I think Rush is correct, had not 40 or so reps believed in the blue wave and retired, we would have kept 1/2 those seats at least… Also losses were heaviest among those who distanced themselves from Trump.


Good God, that’s a lot of nonsense packed into a single post. Keep repeating the lies about racism and xenophobia. I suppose if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes reality, no? I’d hardly call this a huge win for Democrats… they lost 63 seats in 2010 and 53 seats in 1994 under Obama and Clinton’s first terms. In contrast, Regan lost 28 seats in 1982 and Bush gained 6 seats in 2002. All 4 went on to win a second term so the predictions of doom and gloom seem just a tad misplaced.

The funny part is I was adamant that I didn’t want Trump to win the nomination but looking back, I’m damn glad he did. He’s done more for this country in 2 years than Bush and Obama did in 16 combined years in my opinion. Tax cuts, North Korea success, Iran “deal” torn up, Paris accord thrown out, nearly half a million manufacturing jobs that Obama said were gone for good have returned, NAFTA gone, better deals being struck with the EU, Mexico and other places, regulatory burden dropping for the first time in decades, etc… if the man manages to tackle spending and reduce the deficit, he’ll end up being my favorite President even if he IS a jackass.


I agree the deficit is a huge problem that neither party wants to address the simple fact Obama had a bipartisan commission “Simpson and Bowles” do a study on the national debt/deficit and what to do about it.

They came back and said it’s a huge problem (This was when the debt was half of what it is now) and the only way forward was to cut spending as well as increase taxes. Republicans don’t want to increase taxes unless you are talking about the Steve Bannon coalition who did want to increase taxes on millionares and democrats will not touch entitlements.

The sad situation is they are not touching these two topics because they want to get re-elected. It would be nice if the two sides would meet on a bipartisan grounds and both say to the public this is what has to be done to insure our republic, but that’s not going to happen.


That’s true but examine where those Senate races were won. Did Democrats win a lot of races that are typically Conservative or just a few? Republicans flipped four seats while Democrats flipped one. I wouldn’t really call that a massive success in a year where Democrats were supposed to roll based off of the unpopularity of Trump. I’d also not take the seats flipped in Congress as a good sign. How many did you all gain? 35 till it’s done? That’s below the 63 lost during Obama’s first term and well below the 53 lost during Clinton’s first term. Don’t think Bush’s first term counts as that was shortly after 9/11 and his popularity was still over 60%… But hey, you all convince yourselves that this is a huge win. I’d rather you have false confidence going into this next election. :wink: I’d especially like to see you run Beto!!


Why did he have 30+ rallies but only stumped for 9 candidates?

BTW, late October he had a rally in Wisconsin for Scott Walker and Senate candidate Leah Vukmir. They both lost. Bigly.


LOL… 2/3 of his endorsements lost… SAD!


Exactly. His presence does not carry the gravitas that the gutless wonders in the GOP pretended that it did. And those self-serving cowards will abandon him if they believe he can’t assist them in retaining power. Which this midterm proved he is a net-negative for the party at the polls.


Agree 100%. Last thing we want is either of these two parties having unchecked power.