What do you call it when both sides lose?


And tester and heller

You forgot those two.



It basically went as expected.

A Few upsets on the senate side for the r,s

A few upsets on the house side for the d,s

7 governships picked up by the dems.



That it did.


They used to use Communist instead of socialist, but then they realized that saying “commie, commie, commie” all of the time made them look dated, McCarthyesque, and silly.

Socialist is a good transitional buzzword until they find something that makes more–by which I mean less–sense.


That would truly be something new to behold. Something different for a change. I’ll believe it when I see it.




Yeah how could we lose something(the Senate) that we never had?


Damn funny


OP said that


It was your OP. :grinning:


and I said republicans lost.


Then we have a difference of opinion on what constitutes “overtly beneficial to middle class”.


gridlock 10chars


I don’t know I agree it was a good night for democrats in the house, but according to 538 the senate map in 2020 is a lot worse than 2018 and the only way to have overcame that was to come out last night with +1 democrat for the senate. There is a real chance the republicans will have over 60 Senators by 2020 (think long game Supreme Court justices over 80 years old).


The 2020 map is a lot worse for whom?


Gridlock was surely a happy word for you several years ago. Is it a happy word for you now?


I call it a victory for the American people. Neither party is wholly right or wholly wrong on anything. Whats best for the American people is when there is compromise or failing that nothing happening. We will now either get compromise or we will get gridlock. Either way neither side will be able to push through their most radical agendas.


you have to be really creative to make up something good about the midterms for Republicans.

what is clear is that the agenda is not being well received. Otherwise they would have won.

the fact that democrats offered nothing and won is more disconcerting.

Trump has failed in evolving to policy instead of personality.

you cannot promote policy on Twitter.


definitely yes, the alternative is bigger government, there is no small government party anymore.


Think about, we have been told for the last year that the midterms would be a complete bloodbath and repudiation of Trump, something similiar or worse than the midterms circa 2010 when Obama lost 63 house seats and 6 Senate seats.

When in fact Trump lost about the average amount of seats in the house during midterms of a new president and did historically better in the senate. I agree losing the house sucks, but picking up a few senate seats during a massive voter turnout and the most money ever spent on a midterm against you isn’t nothing.

If people want to call it a blue wave their entitled to do so in reality Trump lost the average amount of seats in the house during a first term Presidents midterm and did historically better in the senate.