What do you call it when both sides lose?

In politics that is a victory.

Republicans lose the house. That is a loss by any standard.

Democrats lose ground in the Senate, that is also a loss.

Arguably The republicans lost more, cause they did.

let the spin begin or continue.

A Browns/Raiders matchup?


It’s called a Democratic blowout because the loss of a few seats in the Senate means nothing to the already minority Democrats now that they can control all legislation by virtue of holding the House. More importantly, they can now expose Trump, and that’s exactly what will happen. It won’t just be a drumbeat of anti-Trump rhetoric, it will be a fire hose of actual evidence of Trump’s fraud and criminality. He’ll still have his most hardcore base, because racism and xenophobia in America are very strong. But anyone else that sides with Trump will clearly be painted with the same excrement as Trump, softening up the Senate for the next election. Further, the Democrats can introduce wave after wave of legislation that’s overtly beneficial to middle class Trump voters who were fooled into thinking that Trump gives a rat’s ass about them. When those bills fail to advance in the Senate, everyone will see who the Republicans are who blocked them, and Trump is powerless to do anything about it. Finally, control over the House gives the Democrats a strong platform to groom and promote their next presidential candidate, who will probably be running against Pence. (And no, I do not think the Senate will convict Trump; I think there will be incontrovertible evidence of the Trump crime family’s wrongdoing, and Trump will resign in shame before the 2020 election.)

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what is Mueller, why have a special prosecutor, just wanted to see what the unhinged would say.

Trump loves Pelosi more than Putin, he has a thing for socialists.

funny, the OP mentions the dems won and you come out breathing fire.

Gained in the house (solid flip) and governor races, and despite the final balance, won 22 compared to 13 Republican seats in the senate. The senate was always a long shot with 42 republican seats not up for election…

Solid win for Dems IMO.

I’d say the American people won yesterday. They got the government for which they voted

You can fixate on the balance in the senate but the Dems won 22-13 and 42 seats were not up for election… not holding the house with 42 secure seats would have been a huge embarrassment for the GOP.

Repeat in 2020 and it will be very bad for the GOP.

Yes, as I’ve read here ad nauseum, we got the government that we deserve.

And propaganda works.

Now I’m looking forward to all of the hand-wringing posts about the caravan to continue unabated. I hear that one or two of them have contracted Ebola, and one dude is carrying a hive of those African killer bees.

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The Dems won … the R’s lost

There was no two losers. It’s simple.

Funny…no it didn’t.

Not any mention in the OP of “the dems won” as you falsely suggest. :thinking:

I was hoping for a red wave. OH, well. Many of the reps that lost didn’t want Trumps help. He did pick up a lot of loyalty in the senate… I think 8 out 9 he stumped for won…

Of course you think that. :rofl:

another comment that adds no value to continue the streak of ad nauseum vitriol.

Oh sweet irony, thy name is bootz.


You OP is blatantly wrong, sorry if you’re unhappy if I, and other posters, have pointed out the obvious.

and the moderate republican returns.

Just like Ted Cruz…

where is it wrong, where it says Republicans lost?

Going personal with attacks so soon? Color me surprised. :rofl:

is being called a moderate republican an attack?