What do you call it when both sides lose?


Midterms are usually more of a local affair. So, taking that into account, how did the local elections go for you?

Here, the Democrats, beat the crap out of the Republicans. Getting everything except the state house and senate due to gerrymandering.


It’s called representative democracy. No one gets everything want.


Your post makes no sense. I’ll just leave you with the reality that it was not 8 of 9 he stumped for won. Feel free to look at the facts yourself if so inclined, which is doubtful. But to get you started, Manchin, Heller, and Tester are three for you to mull over.


We have 65% dems but they voted against stopping fracking in the county… So, cool!


We see you.


Republicans put a strong beating on the Democrats here. Although a progressive medical marijuana measure passed, which is good in my opinion. I’m in SW MO.


OK, you are right. I had heard that somewhere and didn’t check it out. But Trump’s strategy did keep the senate and he picked up 3 seats… So, that’s Cool. Great for conformations, and judges. And he won’t be impeached.


perhaps you should start a thread. always looking forward to your insights. Hopefully one day I will see one.


The Headline in the OP says ‘‘both sides lose’’

But now you’re just nit-picking.

Bottom line: The dems flipped the House and that’s huge. They are the winners


You sound bitter.


I’ll let you speak for yourself.


Major understatement of thread. :yum:


Lol, yeah. I’m pretty happy with last nights results. The senate would have been nice, but it was a hard road map and not expected. And now we have the house and some governors which can fix some of the gerrymandering.


That is fair enough. Although, it was never really in doubt in regards to the Senate. It is arguable the GOP did better here than some predicted though, true. But the ground was historically poor for Democrats to gain control of the Senate, and really to not lose some seats. But the loss of the House, loss of Governorships and State Houses were pretty brutal for the GOP. And in total was a net loss for the GOP in these midterms. Especially when you consider the economy being as good as it is currently.


Yes, But Trump did better than Obama on his first midterm and Trump’s not even a professional politician. And many of the reps that lost distanced themselves from Trump like Mia Love…

Rush is blaming those reps who believed in a blue wave, and the media’s hype for losing the house. The poison of hate and fear…


Quite irrelevant what happened with Obama, and is also not an apples to apples comparison either. But that does not matter.

Rush can blame whomever he wants. But why don’t you check out how many official endorsements were given by Trump, and what his record was last night. I think you will be surprised at just how poorly his official endorsement failed to help those who lost, and by what totals.


During the supposed “best economy ever” Trump got wasted on every front except the Senate, especially at the state level. The Senate had 42 secure seats and was never considered to be in play…

Obama was in the middle of an economic disaster that was handed to him…

It was a clear loss.


Anyone who thinks Pelosi is a socialist is about as dumb as they come. She is one richest donor ass kissing Dem out there and the current system of our government befits her just as much as GOP get. But idiots who are so brainwashed by the cult of Trump think she is some far left communist wannabe when she is far right of Reagan in her views on anything socialist values. Please if going to try and comment on a political matter at least have a clue what politics is first.


Don’t take what some say as having any thought behind it, they think Nancy Pelosi is a socialist. It like they don’t even understand what a corporate democrat like her is and how many in Dem party look at her as more of a GOP that does not hate minorities ie a moderate Republican.


You use it as if it was one.