What do you all think about the segregation going on on some campuses

I was watching Bill Maher he was speaking of segregation on colleges and snapped the following screen shot, unfortunately it looks likes like the numbers are from a WSJ article that I can’t past the pay wall to see the full study. If this is true or even remotely true isn’t that going backwards in unity? This almost sounds like something Richard Spencer or his ilk would be clapping in favor of.

Screenshot 2021-09-25 235407

Here is the link I can’t see the full content, it’s not cached on my end either.

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its dumb

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I agree it’s dumb I wonder if those those high numbers are correct. If so I have been in the dark, before that episode of Maher Friday I thought this was only happening in a few ivy league schools not these high percentages.

Yeah, I have noticed that more often not these days, I don’t agree with Maher, but he’s right on this.

I don’t think it’s a good idea.

They mix freely during classes and other activities, it’s not borne of hatred. It does strike me as concerning, but they are choosing it as opposed to being forced by racist policies. I have mixed reactions in other words. That said, people, students in particular, do best when they feel comfortable and supported. I think someone should ask the students how it’s going and get more info before passing judgment.


I was just astounded by the percentage numbers, I have known this was going on for awhile but as I said to Canadian judo I had no clue this was this widespread, It’s basically segregation at campus at this rate if its really catching on this fast and those numbers are accurate.

Pretty sure many whites supported Jim Crow laws by choice. Doubtless they felt they did best when they felt comfortable and supported. Someone should have asked them how it’s going before ending those laws.


Just who is being oppressed here today? That’s a really bad comparison.

Would it be a fair comparison if white college students were allowed to have separate housing because it made them feel more comfortable?

What’s next? Segregated fraternities and sororities?


Like I said, I have mixed reactions. I have no doubt people are free to visit and hang out with friends in any of the self segregated areas. That does change the equation considerably.


:rofl: Good one.

It’s ridiculous. Did these students not study American history? Decisions like Brown vs The Board of Education?

How about those who feel more at ease around those with opposite backgrounds, maybe a black student who feels more at ease around white students?

Which orientation, housing, graduation ceremony do they attend?

It’s probably better to complete an on line program while working if one is even going to attend.

Not surprising at all. Talking about and constantly obsessing over race. Incessently teaching how awful America is. Having no cultural unity while bringing together people’s of hundreds of different cultures and languages. If things go the way I think they will go, balkanization will be a dominant phenomenon in the US in 20 or so years from now.

That was some kind of “safe space” bull ■■■■■ Not the same at all.

First the left called it segregation when they supported it.

Now, they call it “separatism,” because their racist hearts never really changed. :wink:


What do you think a “self segregated area” is?

For right or wrong, isn’t the difference here segregation forced on people and segregation chosen by people?

The first is clearly wrong, is the second?

Both are counterproductive.