What do leftists have against rural people?

The talk in another post about figuring out ways to eliminate the electoral college means only one thing: the country should be ran according to the whims and values of city dwellers, and to hell with those who live in flyover country. This seems to be strictly a leftist sentiment.
The Soviets won favor with the factory workers in the city and pretty much genocided millions of farmers. What is it about the farmers, ranchers, hunters, etc that the left hates so much? I’m not talking about the large, corporate farmers who take handouts from the government, small town meth heads or opioid addicts, etc. I’m talking about the actual producers.
What is it? Self-sufficiency? Uncompromising old-fashioned notions like hard work to achieve success rather than dependency? More adherence to the Bible?


Because they can’t be controlled. People live out in rural areas for a reason…to be left alone.

And libs can’t/won’t leave em alone.


I have nothing against them personally. They do, though, have too much electoral and representative power relative to their population sizes. Their political power is disproportionate to their actual size.


Left alone to hsve an abortion if they want? Have a same sex marriage if they want? That kind of left alone?


Want them to have their preexisting conditions covered? Don’t want their rural hospitals to be flooded during a pandemic?


I don’t care what you do…and I’m sure most of them don’t either.

So why are libs imposing themselves onto them?


By design though.

What rural hospitals are you talking about? Is this some wierd fantasy?

I don’t live in the “south”, and there is no rural hospital here. Rural hospitals are struggling if there is even one:

We go for our care in the city like everyone else.

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Funding of High Speed Rural internet, Funding to rural hospitals, subsidies for rural industries.

I am for all of that.

It’s what keeps Republicans in power at the federal level.

What rural hospitals are you talking about? As in the above link, many of us in rural communities go for our care in the city.

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One person, one vote.

A vote for Trump in CA is the same as a vote for Trump in Kansas.

I live in a rural area and there are plenty of “leftists” out here.

Rural hospitals are closing across the country. Over 100 in the past ten years That makes mortality rates rise. I think that that is bad and preventable.


We’re building a new hospital. Land was donated by a ranch family.


Because they support the police state, just not in their county. They hate government interference, but want access to a woman’s womb. They constantly think they’re being persecuted, but don’t believe LGBT folks should be protected by civil rights. They characterize their entire opposition as socialist marxists, but take government money more than anyone else. They called us traitors for opposing a war that killed and maimed our troops and led to the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians.
■■■■ em, there are plenty of Central Americans that they hate and mega-corporations they consistently vote to give tax breaks to (who don’t give a ■■■■ about Real America) that can take their place.
It’s interesting you mention how the Soviets had the support of factory workers in the city, given that the Maoists had the support of rural people and besieged city after city to implement their gun worshipping death cult.


Nobody needs to own that much land.

And since the thread poses a question, I’m going to pose one. Where exactly is this “south”?

Are we talking about the southeastern U S? The southwestern ones? “The south” siunds so ■■■■■■■ ignorant, like it’s one big monolith.

Why exactly is it white liberals in particular have such contempt for this particular? And I say white liberals because there are men on this board who are black & mixed race, & they’re happy either living in one of those states, or going to visit family members there.

It’s very rare as someone whose lived in Arizona & Florida I encounter someone black, Latino or Asian with their noses as up in the air & contemptuous of the region as white liberals. Is that because many of the nonwhite individuals living in the northeastern states have actually traveled to those states, maybe worked in a few?

Or might they appreciate people who are up front & with whom they know where they stand instead of smug ■■■■■■■■ who greet you at a party, then discreetly ask your white friend “Why did you bring HIM here?”

If the south is so sucky & violent, why are so many black peoples moving to states like Florida & Texas?


It goes back to the civil war and reconstruction. The Nations. It’s encoded in DNA.

Because industry dried up in the rust belt and gentrification is pricing many people out, not just black folks. Also, ■■■■■■■■■■ are everywhere in the country. From wallstreet to your local towny bar.

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