What do all you guys think about the biased news stations

Ever since all the stuff started I think I’ve only been watching Fox and the reason why is because they seem to tell the truth MSNBC CNN CBS ABC seem to all be bias should anything be done about this fake news we’ve all been listening to these people for years and years and years any comments

It’s not been a pleasant surprise watching CNN veer further to the left over the years. I actually used to think of them as left of center organization, now they are just MSNBC.

Is fox biased?

How have you determined that Fox News tells the truth and the others don’t?

What’s your metrics for doing so?



Fox has a bias towards the truth and making America great.

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Having a brain

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So which retread are you?

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  1. If all you watch is Fox, how do you know what the other networks are doing?

  2. Freedom of the press is a thing. It’s very dangerous to think some Americans want news sources they disagree with (left or right) shut down.

  3. Your post would be much easier to follow if you used punctuation.

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Yes. Fox tells the truth. Everyone else is lying. Totally.

Because they say things you want to hear and agree with does not necessarily mean they “tell the truth.”

Yes seriously! Fox News provides more balance and truthfulness then the misleading MSM/Democrat Party when it comes to commentary and debate giving both sides of an issue/discussion. It’s too the point that drives conservatives, moderates, and libertarian’s nuts with their daily dose of far left liberal progressive shouting filibustering fools. I think there is more Obama leftovers at Fox News then there are in DC! :astonished:

And btw, if you’re not watching Sean’s show on Fox News you’re missing out on a lot of valid information. Just saying. :woman_shrugging:

I don’t watch any of them, but I know what CNN has been doing for the last three years at ad nauseam, because as I said earlier I use to view them as the left of of center moderate channel, now they are the part of the resistance. Now I get my news from Facebook. Jk I usually look at Reuter’s, Politico, and the BBC. Sometimes I go off the grid to some networks that report stories the big ones neglect.

It’s not just CNN that veered off, I used to enjoy to read ‘The Atlantic’ columns, they leaned left but alas they followed the same path and everything is about “Orange man bad” now even when good things are happening. My hopes are they will change back when Trump is gone. When it comes to news I try to stay away from opinions pieces and never link them, because everyone has an opinion.

Examples please.

This is a just so story otherwise.

Same here. I used to go to them regularly. They were a little more Democratic than I was, but I considered them sort of middle mainstream. That all changed when they found the money was in Trump bashing. I only occasionally go there now to see what the enemy is up to.

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Sorry you feel that way about the Atlantic. They’re one of the last few magazines who do real in depth investigative reporting. They research the ■■■■ out of things.

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Oh I use to read them almost religiously they had some great articles. One of my favorite was a huge article on immigration and the causes of ISIS was who they are etc…

Unfortunately it all changed around late 2017 and it’s just been non stop anti-Trump. I understand the man is a polarizing figure but it gets so tiresome of hearing non stop about him when there is a whole world out there besides him. Again my hopes are they revert back after he’s out of office.

Their Middle East coverage can’t be compared to anyone. Sorry you think it’s Trump focused, but it is an American magazine and he is an outrageous human being who is the most powerful person on earth. And it may seem like besting a dead horse but his actions are so outrageous they have to try and show how horrible he is and this presidency is not normal.

Maybe what you call normal is overrated.