What distinguishes Black Americans who have attained success to those who have not?

When you look at the statistics, which I posted before in another thread, it’s clear that black Americans, in particularly those born here and whose lineage goes back multiple generations, lag every other ethnic group (even black immigrants) in almost every type of category. In these debates conservatives typically bring up the breakdown of the family whereas liberals typically bring up the system. I’ve said this before that typically in political debate the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Regarding the “system” here’s what I’ll say; what ever impact it has had in holding down black Americans clearly we can all agree it has not been 100% effective. No one here will argue that no black Americans have been successful and I would assume that we can all give anecdotal accounts of black Americans we have know through our lives that have attained various levels of success.

So how do you view this dichotomy? Was the various aspects of the system structured as such to put things as they are, or have the individual choices of black Americans to blame for how things are? Or somewhere in the middle?

What are the populations of black Americans, versus the immigrants who have done better than they?

Where do these immigrants typically live - in the North or the South?

Where are the most prosperous blacks - not including black athletes - in the North or the South?

I don’t know the answers - I admit I’m assuming that the most prosperous live in the North where they were historically less downtrodden than in the south.

Why does that matter?


Where are the most prosperous whites?
You can pick any two states, one from each area and I will get the poverty numbers by race. I already looked at Mississippi and Massachusetts.

Of course they are determining poverty by a straight income level, with no accounting for cost of living - government.

a conscious decision to leave the democrat plantation


That just can’t be true. There are many successful black Americans who identify as Democrats.

yeah, many of the ones who feed off the plantation.

Say what?


Why does that matter?

It’s easier for a small group of people, in certain advantageous areas, to be more successful than a larger group of people spread out over advantageous and disadvantageous areas.

I’m assuming immigrants who weren’t brought here as slaves could choose to live where they wanted and chose the north.


Your proof?

Where are the most prosperous whites?

Whites do not face racism from the majority population - they are the majority population. Having said that I assume the North. I am also aware that there are more whites on welfare than blacks

You can pick any two states, one from each area and I will get the poverty numbers by race. I already looked at Mississippi and Massachusettts.

And what are the statistics?

Of course they are determining poverty by a straight income level, with no accounting for cost of living - government.

Ok. Good to know. Please share what you found.

Yeah, I don’t know. I think I read a statistic that the average wealth of a black household in Boston is around 8 dollars, compared to the average white household of 100k+.

That is an ignorant and insulting post.


and yet where are all these racist cop problems…

NYC, DC, LA, Philly, MN, Chicago

things that make ya go… hmmmmmmm

And there’s the accusation that successful black Americans get - from their own people.

“You’re an Uncle Tom. You think you’re better than us?”

That’s why lots of blacks never rise up out of poverty. If they try to become more white (and I use that phrase because that’s an accusation I’ve heard made against the successful blacks by their less successful brethren) they are ruthlessly beaten down.

It’s not somewhere in the middle, the blame of the current dichotomy is due to Democrat governance, or better described as Democrat malfeasance and the bad choice of black Americans who keep voting for them!

It was Republicans who abolished slavery in the Civil War.
It was Republicans that fought & won Civil Rights in the 60’s.
It is Republicans with the record breaking unemployment for blacks!
(before covid19 and it will return after covid19)

Clearly when Republicans are in the majority of governance at the local and federal level things are better for every American including black & other minority (legal) citizens.

Bad assumption. I believe if you look, you will find the successful groups to be successful no matter where they go. And you will also find that even the black people whose ancestors were brought here as slaves can move and there have in fact been several attempts at relatively large migrations in the past.

New Hampshire has the lowest poverty rate in the country. Guess what else it has the lowest of?

Nowhere else? No other cities have racist cops?

Yes, they left the south to go to the north.

Keep in mind we as a nation is losing trillion in economic activity every year because we weren’t successful in elevating their economic success. It’s not enough to give handout or other empty promises when society isn’t able or unwilling to face reality of certain group has interest in keeping them dependent so those few can hold onto their power.

Imagine what we could do with that trillion or more in economic activity if we were successful? As that oney exchange hands, and taxes it would generate.

It would benefit everyone, Whites, Blacks, Asian, Latino’s etc.

But libs will see that I started with Whites on my list. It’s how they roll. :wink:

Maybe 20+ years ago. Everyone is about getting their money right and becoming educated right now. It’s a new age of ambition.

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Al, Jesse, AOC, Engle

thousands of them.

btw, if you followed the conversation then you know it does not refer to all.

Demographics. The Houston area has a large Nigerian population for example.

And yet white poverty levels are higher in the same exact areas that black poverty levels are. Do you think black people have the highest poverty level in Mississippi?