What Did That Idiot pelosi Admit to Last Night on 60 Minutes?

What a moron!

Scott Pelley: He told you about the phone call?

Nancy Pelosi: He told me it was perfect. There was nothing in the call. But I know what was in the call. I mean, it was in the public domain. He didn’t even know that it was wrong. You know, he was saying, “It was perfect. There was nothing wrong.” Well, no, it is wrong. It is wrong for a president to say that he wants you-- another head of state-- to create something negative about his possible political opponent to his own advantage, at the expense of our national security, his oath of office to the Constitution and the integrity of our elections.

The facts are these: on July 25, Mr. Trump was celebrating his new defense secretary in public, but two hours before, he spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Zelensky was interested in Javelin anti-tank missiles to defend himself from Russian-backed rebels."

But it wasn’t public domain at that time. How did she “know what was in the call”??


Biden is finished. He was a good soldier who did his duty for the Party.

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This is what happens when you put a trainwreck of a weak, mumbling, bumbling woman like nancy pelosi in charge of running things. She can’t even remember her lies and goes on national television and embarrasses herself.

What a disgrace!!



Trump and Giuliani had already admitted that they asked Ukraine to look into Hunter Biden, so it was already in the public domain. The release of the call readout the next day merely confirmed what Trump and and Giuliani said.

She didn’t say she knew what trump and Rudy had said. She said she “knew what was in the call.”

trump also told her the call was PERFECT. Are you suggesting she was relying on trump’s words??


Pelosi probably still hasn’t read the report.


But it was when the president told her it was perfect. Duh…


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She’s not Donnie or one of his sycophants.

The transcript of 60 Minutes you linked to does not have her saying that she “knew what was in the letter”.

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I bolded it right in the OP.

Unless you now want to quibble over “know” vs “knew” verb tenses during the course of our conversation.


No, I’m quibbling over “letter”. She doesn’t say that she knew what was in the letter. She says that she knew what was in the call, which she did because both Trump and Giuliani admitted it.

Not only that but she also said “he didn’t even know” it was (supposedly) wrong as in “no intent” and didn’t that defense work for Hillary? I do believe it did and she went on to get the Dem nominination for President.

Every time a Democrat poll opens their mouth exposes their hypocrisy and double standard of “its good for us but not for you” authoritarian mentality and that’s why we have to get these people out of office and positions of power.

Well, the funny thing is that no one has yet stated what law Trump was supposed to have broken. Its more like “we really, really, really don’t like what he said…as we interpret it”. Its not like anyone has cited a statute.

Thanks I’ll fix my mistake.

So, are you suggesting she was relying on trump’s words to “know what was in the call”??

Because trump also told her it was a PERFECT call. Is she relying on his words or not??


Here you go. There are a number of articles that also spell it out quite clearly. And remember, a specific law does not need to have been broken for him to be impeached. What he did was wrong. Period. To those of us that actually care about this country, and what our elected employees do with the power we grant to them, we see that this matters and it is WRONG!

  1. Illegally soliciting campaign help from a foreign government

  2. Bribery

  3. Misappropriation

  4. Conspiracy

Time to prosecute the people responsible for changing the “whistleblower” rules and to prosecute the leakers.

Strike three enough is enough.


An impeachment is about violation of the oath of office which is why the founders wisely used the vague language “High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Trump’s supporters have already established the irrelevance of law to the Presidency by their insistence that a sitting President cannot be indicted.

Keep spinning.

What do you think she admitted?

You don’t know that. All you know is ORANGE MAN BAD!!!



What law did he break? He beat Hillary in the election and they have been attempting to over throw the election ever since. :roll_eyes:

Banana Republic stuff.