What changed from May 19th of 2017 to June 29th or so when Rosenstien signed

When Rod “The Weasel” Rosenstien sign the 4th FISA warrant?

Remember as of May 17th of 2017 FBI had no evidence that dossier was verifiable.

Inquiring minds want to know

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Make no mistakes…The Weasel was part of great hoax.

He couldn’t let it go…thus the reason why he signed the fourth FISA warrant.

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Rod Rosenstein didn’t sign any FISA warrants.

The warrants were signed by a judge.

Well, we know what’s going around on talk radio today.

He approved the application of it. Yes you’re technically correct…only the judge can sign it.

Does that clear Weasel obligation of his role?

Lets just talk about what you want to talk about.

It means there was a third part verification of it’s veracity.

It is mostly about Lisa Page and about Hillary again on talk radio today.

The operative here is mostly. There’s always the many small segments that listeners grab on to at any time. You never know when one of those will pop up.

The answer to your question is in the application that the judges approved, which we don’t have access to.

An initial surveillance request can be based on probably cause but the first follow-up, let alone the third, as in this case, would be based primarily on the results of the surveillance.

The dossier was part of the initial application but it would have had little weight once the judges could see whether the intelligence yield proved the surveillance worthwhile.

Remember, the point of the surveillance was not to gather evidence to verify the dossier, it was to gather evidence of criminal activity. So, a reasonable assumption was that the contents of the surveillance were indicative of criminal activity. Do you have any other explanation that makes sense and is consistent with court procedure?


He had to enforce the swamps two tier justice system. Reps are always guilty, dems are always innocent.

Remember when we were told by certain members of this forum that any day now Donald was going to release the unredacted FISA warrant?

That was like 8 months ago.

So, where is it and why hasnt he released it?

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Interesting how that works, even though the DOJ has been under republican leadership now for over 2 years.

I remember being told that Trump was going to release that last October, right before the midterm elections.

But the investigation began under the corrupt Obama DOJ…

So I guess I was off by a few months. But my question still stands - why hasn’t Donald released the unredacted FISA warrant?

I recall that, as well. It was so memorable because Fat Donald also promised a 10% middle class tax cut, that would be delivered after the election. Remember that?

Fat ■■■■■■ Donald is a liar, that much is clear.

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Perhaps that’s a card he’ll play at a more important time…

Sure, that must be it.

Why hasn’t Fat Donald released the FISA applications?

We were assured by dimwitted luminaries such as Drunk Gregg Jarrett that it would expose “criminal malfeasance that would turn the stomach of all Americans”.

Why is Fat ■■■■■■ Donald not exposing this?