What are your favorite policies being touted by you preferred candidate for November?

Have the Democrats started to explain what their policies are, how they intend to implement them, and what the science behind them is? All I’ve seen and heard from them is what and who they are against and some headline policy titles that promise much but lack any cost/benefit analyses.

Here’s a tread where you can promote your picks best policy planks, and why they have convinced you that they are actually feasible.

I think Trump’s policy of appointing constitutionalist supreme court judges and presenting his pick from list is great. A constitutional republic should have a supreme court who respects the highest authority in the land and submit to it, not one that is constantly trying to overturn and amend it.

My wife and I both have preexisting health conditions that made it very difficult to get good health insurance.
So I agree that the ACA needs to be maintained and strengthened. The polls have shown that health care was the major issue of the 2018 campaign and one was of the main reasons that Democrats did so well.

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Lock them up!

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Trump economic policy. Tax breaks and tariffs.

We were told tariffs wouldn’t work until they did.

Energy independence led to best foreign policy in 70 years.

Easy pick this year.


You won’t win that way.

That’s a policy?



federally mandated mask wearing…

Whose policy is that?

Cut Out Voter Fraud Every Federal Election?


It was Biden’s, then he had to walk it back after being told it would exceed the scope of the executive branch.


Well it would help if we, the GoP, had a platform and also if the Dems meant a single word they said. So I hold out little to no hope for any of them to do anything

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Has trump given a clear answer yet about what he wants to accomplish in his second term?

Exactly right.

He’s put out his shortlist for supreme court replacements. Biden won’t. He obviously wants to continue everything that has been winning since 2016. Working towards peace in the middle East. Working to rein in China’s quest for more authoritarian communist imperial power. Keep taking down pedophile rings. Keep the UN and state governments accountable for their performances and not just keep bailing them out when they are governing badly. Continue to improve the opportunities for minorities to attain the American dream. Bring accountability into the education sector through funding students not institutions and offering school choice. Get illegal immigration under control. Take federal funding away from abortion centres. Get out of endless wars. …

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Now that’s a policy!

He’s not my preferred candidate but I’m assuming you mean in this election. My favorite policy mmmm of Trump’s…

Have to go with a little list:

Chi-NAA decoupling
Tax cuts
Legal immigration

METT-TC dependent on the order.



A rational immigration policy. DACA, a path to citizenship
Healthcare, improve the ACA.
A return to normalcy with foreign policy. No special treatment for Russia.


I wish you both well my friend.