What are Biden's accomplishments?

Joe Biden has been in public service for 47 years, but supporters seem to be unable to name any real accomplishments:

He spent most of the time on Capitol hill, which means that he has very little executive experience. The closest example was Biden’s position an a lead envoy to Ukraine while he was Vice President, and he has bragged about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. Is that an accomplishment?

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Here you go…

Biden was the primary sponsor of 42 bills that were enacted. The most recent include:

Hope this helps!


Ah yes Libyan Claims Resolution Act yes that Libyan intervention and post war was such a great thing for the Obama admin by allowing Human traffickers and Mulish Brotherhood rise to power in Libya wasn’t it? thanks for bringing up Libya.

Libya’s regime change was a complete failure for the Obama admin and Biden.

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He definitely succeeded at keeping his own kids out of that racial jungle he was afraid of.

He also helped get a lot of black people put in prison with his crime bill.


Okay co-sponsoring a bill is an accomplishment?

What good did any of this legislation actually do?

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I actually gave you enacted legislation, not just co-sponsorships. Do you want all of what he has co-sponsored? That list is a LOT longer.

So soon?


He kept little camela from riding a bus.

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Went to jail multiple times.

Hope this helps on the Libyan issue!
# The rise of the Majdalists in the Libyan puzzle

Lets not forget how Obama admin along with Biden allowed the Saudis to bomb Yemeni civilians. Who did not support the Saudi Arabian gov.

Biden side claimed that Biden team wants to end the forever wars and end regime change which is a bit ironic knowing Biden was and is still for regime change.

Cool. The question asked by the OP was “What are Biden’s accomplishments?” I gave him a link to all of the enacted legislation in which Biden was the primary sponsor. 42 of them in total.

What does your post have to do with the legislation Biden sponsored and was enacted?

Well among the list of Biden’s accomplishments you added the Libyan resolution act which again called for a regime change and a military action on Libya how well did that turn up? i was surpised not not really shocked to see at the first debate the middle east and issues like that were not at the debate.

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He really shut her up with that VP pick, huh? That was… easy. :man_shrugging:

Okay, pick one of the pieces of legislation and explain why it is good reason to vote for Biden. Or was it just a useless waste of paper, ink, and computer storage space?

I simply gave a list of legislation that was primarily sponsored by Biden that was enacted.

But, I bet you and me are probably really close to one another on this actual issue and do not want to see us involved in more regime change and endless wars. For what it is worth.

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No thank you. I don’t care for most of what I have skimmed through, and have no desire or need to defend any of it. I’m not a “Biden Supporter” as it were. I am an “Anybody But Trump” kind of guy, and Biden just happens to be the last line of defense.


I simply gave a list of legislation that was primarily sponsored by Biden that was enacted.

On a issue that has not benefited anyone and Libya itself is now a hotspot for radicals. So again i will say it that legislation was sponsored by Biden is not a accomplishment

If Libya after 11 years had a proper government and no radicals trying to take over. Then i guess the regime and change and the act that was enacted by Biden would have made sense and i would then consider it a accomplishment.

I still don’t quite know what to make of that pick.

We’ll see.

He represented the US in its relations with China in 2013.
He represented the US in its relations with Ukraine.

Now ask what Hunter was doing.


Still waiting on the Biden resume.

Copies really well…might do.