What are all the negative impacts of going green? Let's list them all here

Many (if not all) of the Left wants to view green energy or give the impression of it as this pure and benevolent form of power that will save us from the evils of fossil fuels. Many of us know that is by no means the case and wish that proponents of green energy would give the whole picture of the limitations and the new environmental problems going green will bring. I know that this topic has been discussed before so I would like the focus to be on the negative impacts of going green. I’ll start with this:

The big impact is that the world relies on a certain amount of energy to feed its billions. Until there are breakthroughs, avoiding mass starvation depends on fossil fuels.


Our friends in OPEC will lose their stranglehold on the world.

Large areas of the third world will be environmental disaster areas, because that’s where all the rare earth mining will be offshored to so the left in this country can feel self important.


Obviously the impact on birds are another concern:

That’s the fact that new green deal woke libs stubbornly refuse to acknowledge.

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Well, what’s the point of being a hegemon if you can’t despoil the earth?

And also:

Mining.com. Don’t see many citations to that :grinning:

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Good point, mining the metals needed, which also has it’s share of negative impacts on the environment:

I thought this gave some good information on solar including some of the negative environmental issues:

A leftist rag discussing the negative impacts. How can this be? Time for a new narrative my friend.

At least they’re not killing whales …

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What were the blatant falsehoods in the link? Regarding my narrative, are you saying that that going green does not create any issues for the environment?

I’m saying most everyone is fully aware of the negative impacts and trying to find ways to mitigate them.

Going “Green” has meant nothing but burning enough “biomass” to exponentially increase annual CO2 emissions. Plastic, diapers, rail ties, living green forests, etc…

It takes a completely (D)evoted (D)umbass to not be able to see it. :person_shrugging:


and if it works to “fix” the climate

shorter growing season in the northern hemisphere
less reliable electric generation leading to more deaths during longer freezes

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from an automotive standpoint, what I am witnessing is that the damage done to the earth in manufacturing the batteries and other materials to build these cars, the cars do not last long enough to get the return necessary to positively impact the concern. What’s happening is that the solution is actually exacerbating the problem.

Add to this that now, almost all manufacturers are in this and technology is increasing at an increasing rate. That said, when there’s a breakthrough, making the technology of some manufacturers obsolete, it’s then abandoned and not supported. Those that purchased these vehicles will then not be able to get the parts to keep it on the road.

Combine that with the car of yesterday, requires a new, current year battery, at current year prices…plus the current year labor to install it. Now the fix is more expensive than the value of the car and it too is abandoned. Thus, there was never the necessary return that justified this technology in the first place.

Does anyone remember that brown paper bags were evil because they were destroying the trees? The answer was plastic bags, which now…is one of the largest pollution problems on the planet. Now consider that the trees used to make these bags, fully mature every 19 years due to genetic modifications plus clean the air of carbon dioxide. This new push is more of the same stupidity.


By no means is “most everyone” aware of that. Do you honestly believe that if you go around and ask people if there are negative impacts on the environment that they would be able to list them?

If the population continues to imcrease, the elite will have to limit our energy quota if tbey are going to keep enjoying their own ballooning personal energy requirements. Cutting our energy quotas will have the added benefit of killing off large numbers of the "extraneous* population, making more energy available to the elite.

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I found this to provide a good comparison along with the positives and negatives of electric vehicles:

Another aspect is that these precious metals are a limited resource.

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