What about the American Farmers?

I was born and raised in Kansas, I’ve lived here my entire life accept for my time in the military. With AOC’s new green deal how would America eat? How would Americans eat healthy? What do we do with the best farming soil on the planet? Do we go back to horse drawn plows? Do we import basic staples from other country’s? A lot of people buy into the stereotype of farmers being simple, believe me it’s more complicated than people think.

How are Kansas farmers faring with the Trump tariffs?

Horse drawn plows?!? No way! Too much methane!

Get ready to human drawn plows! :heart_eyes:

I guess they’ll all grow “Green Victory Gardens”.


Chapter 12 bankruptcy, created during the 1980s farm crisis, allows distressed family farmers or fishermen to devise a plan to repay creditors over three to five years. Only farms with debts that don’t exceed about $4.1 million may file for the protection.

From the same article.

Nationwide, the volume of loans to fund current operating expenses grew 22% in the fourth quarter from year-ago levels, hitting a quarterly record of $58.7 billion, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. The average size of these loans rose to $74,190, the highest fourth-quarter level in history when adjusted for inflation, the bank said.

The problem is in increased operating expenses.

China is suffering and needs our rice, soybeans, and corn and they are in the midst of trade talks this week.

We have the leverage and the farmers will benefit when it’s over.


Where does the green deal say we cant operate combines and large tractors for agricultural purposes?

Can we? I thought the Internal Combustion Engine would go away and only renewable could be used. Was there a carve out for farming?

You tell me.

The farmers who have not declared bankruptcy will be lucky to be back to zero after the trade war is over.

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They run on diesel which under the “New Green Deal” has to be eliminated within 12 years.

What are you going to run them on?

Right, run with that.

Show me where it says that

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I am

The trade war is a completely unnecessary and avoidable disaster.

How much better off would the midwestern farmers have been with tariff restrictions gone from Pacific Rim trading partners under the TPP?

If by the end of this we get back kind of to where we started then the President will declare victory with no real ground gained.

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Or it is enforceable.

I believe there is a phrase “as much as technically feasible” in the deal

Our caving to China for 20 plus years has been a disaster for the US costing us millions of good jobs and draining our national wealth.

It’s long past time we put a stop to this and it is completely necessary since the Chinese pushed us into it.

You people would be cheering bringing the house down if Obama had stood up to them in the same way but just can’t stand it that Trump is.

The country will be the better for it when it’s over.

We’ve been running on biodiesel for years.

There are no carbon emissions from “BIo-Diesel”? You’re running an entire fleet of farm vehicles on 100% BD?

I’m going to call BS on both.

The Chinese pushed us into nothing. We wanted cheap goods… they wanted money.

Free trade ya know.

The rejection multinational trade deals that were specifically designed to reign in China’s economic and political influence and not having bilateral deals in place immediately is one of the greatest foreign policy mistakes of the decade.

By the end of this… we will be back near where we started.

That is how these things play out every time it is done.

But hey… maybe this time will be different.

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Biodiesel is net zero since the hydrocarbons are generated by capture of atmospheric CO2 by plants. You’ve never heard of it before?