What about that uncommitted vote in Michigan

100,000 democrats voted uncommitted during last nights primary. Do you think that will carry over to the general election?

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I hope so. Even half of that would keep Michigan out of Biden’s hands.

I read where their goal was 10k uncommitted they got 100k

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The reason is Hamas… Fascinating

Most of them will vote Biden over Trump in the general.

Don’t read too much into it.


Trump got as many votes as democrats turned out.

Hopefully a good sign.

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But portion-wise only 13% - about same as Obama saw in 2012.

and Biden got a much bigger percentage than Trump in his primary.

I don’t buy the “10k goal” BS; that was the number they pulled out of their butts so they could claim “unprecedented message” later on.

More likely they will stay home on election day.

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All dimocrats should be committed.

Hopefully before election day.

I’m changing my position. You’re more likely right than I am.

I’ve seen several analyses pointing out that this was mostly an arab movement, and it was very successful in Michigan because of the larger arab population there. Brandon is not acceding adequately to arqab demands regarding the Gaza war, in their view, and they are abandoning him. Tlaib led the charge on that.

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Looks like uncommitted won 13% of the vote and 2 delegates in Michigan lol.

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I suspect people staying home will be an issue for Biden nation wide.


“Brandonites”…hmmmmmmmm…hard to say. Logic doesn’t apply. Feeeeelings do. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


Yep. As in every recent Presidential election in Michigan, the Independents will determine the winner of their electoral votes in November.

Which will translate as a positive for Republicans in the House and Senate.

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It well could be.

And when Biden wins Michigan, some will use this protest vote as proof of voter fraud.


However I don’t doubt that all those will vote for Biden in Nov.
So yes…Biden may win Michigan.
Those upset today are liars same as Biden.
This was just another nudge or a message to Biden to move against Israel more and faster.
But in Nov. they KNOW where their bread gets the butter and will vote for Biden no question asked.
They DON’T punisg their own…never!!!
They just wipe the poop of their face and go on.

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If it does, those people are dumb.

Now I don’t usually go into this type of calculus because I don’t believe any candidate deserves my vote, even if it is an either or choice.

But in this case, the uncommitted is a protest vote against the war in Gaza…these folks don’t think Biden has done enough to stop it and protect the Palestinians (this isn’t a debate about who is right or wrong on that so please don’t pollute he tread with that side debate, please).

But the choice is either Biden or Trump, and Trump, if elected, will not do anything to stop Netanyahu from prosecuting however vigorous a campaign in Gaza that he wants.

So the Palestinians these uncommitted folks want to protect will suffer more under Trump than under Biden.

So they’d be making a bizarre choice.

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Absolutely true, all of that. And as for the bolded, Trump will likely abet and encourage it.

And you’re right. This isn’t the thread to debate that issue. Trump will do “this” and Biden will do “that”, and for those who want “something else” will have to decide whether “this” or “that” is closer to their goals.

I can say that within the GOP, tribes have entrenched in never-this-guy or never-that-woman. On its surface it appears that the Muslim “uncommitted” vote is a never-Biden vote, but I think a lot of that is mere appearance. Biden tossing some bones to that contingent could erase the “never” from them.