Were you disappointed with the corruption of AG Holder and Lynch?

I certainly was. I thought the AG was supposed to investigate and prosecute law breakers, not cover for them.

Holder was selling guns to Mexican drug cartels, who then used those guns to murder Americans. He was never held accountable.

Lynch meddled in the FBI investigation of Hillary and made sure that she skated for her crimes. And, as a member of the “most transparent administration in history”, she secretly met with Hillary’s husband just days before Comey announced that Hillary would skate for her crimes.

Did any of the resident liberals care about any of that?

So you’re disappointed in William barr as well?

Show me the crime or corruption and I’ll condemn it and express my disappointment.

I take it you don’t like answering simple questions.

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I’ll ask the same

Selling guns to Mexican drug cartels which were then used to murder Americans. If you or I had done this, we’d be serving a long prison sentence.

You don’t think it was scandalous for Lynch to secretly meet with Bill Clinton while his wife is under an active investigation by the FBI?

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The operation was started over three years before Obama became POTUS. So should we add in the Bush administration for consideration?

The fast and furious gun running in the Obama Administration was the starting pistol for lawlessness and crime at the highest levels and the fact that there was crickets coming from the MSM and Democrats in congress there are those out there that really believe there wasn’t a “smidgen” of scandal when in fact Obama’s Administration was and is the most corrupt and dangerous in our history and we are seeing the toxic effect by the never ending seditious resistance to the 2016 election.


Not only was he selling guns to Mexican drug dealers…he tried to pin that on gun dealers. And then attempted to use that as excuse to go after legal licensed firearm dealers.

You weren’t here at the time but forum libs were all for it…and defended Holder.


Wasn’t Loretta Lynch supposed to have already been indicted along with Comey?? With Republicans having run the DOJ for over 2 1/2 years, neither of them have been indicted.

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I’ll take that as a, no, you were not disappointed with Lynch’s corruption. You don’t have a problem with corruption, as long as it’s a Democrat that’s engaged in it.

Are you saying there is Republican corruption

Correct. No other administration comes close.

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Sure. And they should be removed from government and put in jail.

It’s too bad guys like you didn’t share my disdain for government corruption. Guys like you are the reason we have so much of it. They know they can engage in it and that you’ll look the other way and go out of your way to protect them. Thanks.

Ia Donald corrupt?

He ain’t the Pope, but I don’t believe he’s done anything criminal or corrupt at president, although I posted elsewhere that he should ask government employees and foreign dignitaries to NOT stay at his properties, unless he’s letting them stay for free.

If and when you care as much about average Americans as you do the Democratic Party, you’ll condemn ALL corruption and demand that those who engage in it be held accountable. Of course, I doubt that will ever happen.

I think any politician who gets tried and convicted for corruption should get a their sentence doubled for betraying the public’s trust but that’s just me

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When their party owns the police, they’re unlikely to be prosecuted.

A big problem is they police themselves with ■■■■■■■■ ethics boards. And the AG will not go after his boss much less party. I think justice dept should be independent but we had that conversation a couple weeks ago.

No such thing. The IRS is supposed to be independent. Instead, they’re all hardcore Democrats that mistreat American conservatives.

The less government the better. That’s the best way to limit government corruption.

If you say so. Why hasn’t trump prosecuted anyone then. They just use that to rile you guys up