We're coming back!

2.5 million jobs created in May. The markets are up. The predictions were wrong (again). All we need to continue is clear out the rampaging thugs and goons to from the inner city so we can lift curfews. And end the Covid panic. Do this and watch things take off.


Now you see the need for riots and other destruction.


The national Guard has been very successful in reducing the Mayhem in D.C. So the mayor is panicking and has booted them out of their Hotel rooms. They need to get the riots going again.

What she wants and what she gets are to different things.

Good news !!!???

But if the stock market keeps roaring back, and rioting doesn’t spread the China Virus, who will vote for the Kid Sniffer?


They will result to threats…

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I’ve been predicting for a while for Trump will get re-elected however this week it did not look good for DJT

Read the below. Yes, polls are in the headline and polls were predicting Hillary blah blah blah but the article isn’t just about polls

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DOW was down over 25% from last year, what, a month ago?


I feel like I’m supposed to go on a tirade about Breitbart. That seems to be the SOP when those links get shared. :man_shrugging:

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time to re-hype the cuomovirus!

if things are even close to where they were before all this started… biggest landslide since Reagan


Well if you feel like doing a tirade, go right ahead. In the meanwhile, do you agree or disagree w/ the article ?

Doubtful. Demographics have shifted too much. Remember California used to vote solid Republican in the 80s.

But he can definitely win.

That’s the problem with internet blogs like Breitbart - people think by simply reading it, they’re either supposed to agree or disagree. :man_shrugging:

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It was down around 19,000 from high of 29.000. So yea, it was about 30 percent.

Now it’s 26.000 and libs are hitting the panic button.

And my barbershop will open on June 8th. I can get my mop cut. :rofl:

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Speaking of comebacks, how 'bout that oil industry, eh? Those $1.09 gallons of gas sure were nice on the wide open roads. Oh well, all good things…


if things are even close he’ll win in a lot of places no-one thinks possible.

But his Rasmussen rating today is at 48% so that’s a good number

Ya, like Texas where he’s leading by 1 %

lol… keep b’lievin’

libs are funny