Well well well, 87% in pilot program don't show up for Asylem hearings

Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan told Congress this month that those foreign nationals are eventually given work permits that allow them to take U.S. jobs while awaiting their asylum hearings.

So they show up seeking Asylem and that allows them to get a work permit to legally work in the United States. So what happens when they are notified that it’s time for their hearing?

The results, an ICE official told Congress, were that about 87 percent of illegal aliens, or almost 9-in-10, recently released by DHS into the U.S. did not show up to their asylum hearings.

They are NOT showing up when notified that it’s time to plead their case.

And of the 13% that did show up under the pilot program to their Asylum hearings?

In the same hearing, another federal immigration official said that only about 12 percent of border crossers and illegal aliens who complete their asylum processes actually end up qualifying for asylum — a statistic that underscores the enormous fraud and abuse in the country’s immigration system.

So you do the math (or extrapolation as some of you here like to do) on how many are REALLY here for legit Asylem. 87% not showing up. 12% of those who do show up are legit.

Those that are given work permits. If they fail to show, there should be a way to track the work permits and where they are working (aka taxes being paid) and the Federal Government should send a letter to those companies explaining the work permit has been revoked (no longer valid for legal work), and continued employment is against the law. If taxes still paid after a few months for the worker, the company is then fined for not terminating the now illegal employee. And Business that starts paying income taxes on that work permit, gets the same type letter that the person’s permit has been revoked and they can’t be legally employed. Along with that, any federal assistance programs the person my be enrolled in, terminated immediatly.

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It’s Asylum. Not Asylem.

That all you have in respons to the numbers? Spellchecking? Really? What say you on how many fail to show up, or the idea of notifying businesses they are employing someone who isn’t eligible to work?

“the Federal Government should send a letter to those companies explaining the work permit has been revoked”

The Federal Government won’t even communicate between different bureaus regarding immigration. What makes you think they’re going to talk to individual companies?


No. Just thought maybe you would take a minute to proofread your post. Kind of like I’m taking a minute to proofread my response to your post.

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Please provide a verified source for these numbers, as they are being disputed.

I’m not saying they’re either true nor false, btw…I’m simply asking for verified numbers.

Like I said . . . they SHOULD be able to do that.

Just like they SHOULD be able to match fake ss numbers, and numbers of dead people who continue to work. They SHOULD also be able to see two ss numbers working two jobs in the United States in Different states and have immigration official show up and do a knock and talk to see if the same person is working two job (and the payroll department is in a different state) or if it’s two people using the same SS number.

We have NO common sense in the government. Mainly because a lot of Dems/Libs know it would catch the lawbreakers.

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They ARE able to do that. They just don’t. And it isn’t just Dems. Republicans are just as culpable. They’re looking the other way right along with those Dems.

You just now figuring this out?

Link to the numbers being disputed?

The OP?

Oh wait. It’s from Breitbart. Never mind. :roll_eyes:

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This article says a lot about numbers but doesn’t source them from DHS. Where did the numbers come from

From an anonymous ICE “official” apparently:

So it was an anon source that told congress? I never saw that in the article and you havn’t posted that it was an anyonymouse source. Where’s the proof it was an anon source?

I do enjoy the comments section though:

Nailed it.

I asked you first.

There’s no point in arguing the premise if the premise hasn’t first been established.

Verified source for these numbers, please?

I just quoted part of the article you posted in your OP. Did you even read it before you rushed to post it here?


The article describes very specific numbers from the government agency. Those numbers are usually made public so that discerning citizens can see the data themselves.

Where are the numbers for this? Or maybe they will be distributed shortly. Idk.

No, you said the numbers are being disputer.

I guess it’e YOU that is disputing the numbers.

“Where are the numbers for this?”

Two ICE “officials.” Doesn’t even say who these “officials” actually were. So there you go.

I have no problem with the idea of companies being punished for continuing to employ illegal immigrants. Why is Trump pushing nonsensical tariffs against Mexico (i.e. the US taxpayer) and not this?

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