Well well well, 87% in pilot program don't show up for Asylem hearings

No the numbers were disputed when the testimony was brought up in Congress.

I asked for a verified source for numbers.

You expect that numbers that are just thrown out there without documentation should just be automatically accepted as accurate?

I suppose it’s real easy to win debates that way…


Distract. Distract. Distract. would be my guess.

Your link to this. It’s not in the article I found. So I’m looking for your evidence it was disputed in the congressional testimony. Please and thank you.

And Dick Durbin immediately disputed these numbers, saying he had his own to show this assertion was false (I’d like to see his documented numbers too, btw).

He essentially asked the same question I did “Where are you getting your numbers”?

It’s a fair question.

Well…I guess not everyone agrees it’s a fair question.

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And I’m looking for verified evidence that I should accept these numbers as true.

So you see how it is…

I’m still trying to find anything outside of Breitbart on this hearing.

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Try the Washington Examiner.

I found it in less than 10 seconds with a Google search. :sunglasses:

I’ve given a source for what was said to congress (news article).

You havn’t given a source for what durbin said (just your word).

See the difference?

Gee you have a supposed link but won’t post it.


I’m not going to gogle it and do your work for you.

The idea of punishing Mexico (however incorrect) no doubt sounds much more tough-guy sexy to some Trump supporters than going after American companies benefitting from immigrant labor under less than legal conditions.


An ICE official or two saying so to Congress is not a verified set of numbers.

Anybody could say anything. I’m asking for evidence to believe what the ICE officials said is true.

Did they provide official records backing up their claims?

You won’t find any posts from me saying we shouldn’t go after American companies. Just the opposite. You’ll find many posts where I fully support and encourage that to happen.

I already did the work. :sunglasses:

You aren’t doing the work I asked of you.

It’s like the war on drugs where they punish the drug dealers, but never think as to why there are drug dealers.


Its just you not backing up your claim.

You said you linked a news article but all i see are breibart links…

Can you please provide the news article you claimed to have linked…


durban disputes dhs numbers

No results in the first three pages as you describe.

It’s false.

Well considering you didn’t even see that these numbers were according to two anonymous ICE “officials” as stated in the very article YOU posted…

Over a five-year period through the end of September 2017,

From your link.

Looks to be outdated by at least a year.