Well surprise, surprise The remain in Mexico plan is back

I have already answered that multiple times.



Are we talking legally…or illegally?

There’s no difference what so ever…if we are talking legal immigration? You aren’t. You consistently infuse legal with illegal into one and that’s the difference. You are condoning illegal immigration, just like Biden and I am not.

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…and posted again for posterity.

are we forcing them to come here? let them ask for asylum in mexico, or whichever country they enter first when seeking asylum. it is prima facia evidence that it is not asylum they seek when they are more intent on the destination to than the escape from.

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you got it part right. and herein lies the problem, those seeking asylum do so because they have no real choice, much less a choice of destination.

Lol. There were no immigration laws.

The first immigration law banning people was the Page act of 1875. No Chinese woman allowed for immoral purposes. Lol.



…and the defense rests.

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the first immigration law is written in the constitution

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What? Why? Pandemic been over according to ya.

Just need to mop up the loose vectors which are the migrant surge…poor urban and rural populace…and 0-12 sector…which will get vax by Halloween I just learned this AM.

If our Credibility addled public health officials were worth their paychecks there would not be so many loose ends.

For me the crisis was over in May 2020…I am enjoying the show now.

Fun times…except Afghanistan…that wasn’t fun.

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So if the crisis is over what pandemic will be ended by this old/new policy.

Do you believe what you write anymore.

I would like to have the vaccine distribution flow towards the migrants converging at the southern border.

Is that complicated?

Does it make sense to distribute the vaccine to Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras before we send it to Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Congo, or Indonesia? Start close and fan out.

Sprinkling a little to everyone isn’t optimally effective.

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Right, but your advocating for increasing our population by 300% by inviting another 1 billion people into the country. :crazy_face:

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All in on the China template of society.

I remember when Nixon claimed China would follow US template with open relations.

That didn’t go as planned.

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Nixon and Kissinger


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Many on the Left have this view that America is the only genuine place for anyone seeking asylum. Consider this:

Will they buy toothpaste and toilet paper and vote for democrats? That’s what matters.