Well surprise, surprise The remain in Mexico plan is back

Yes Joe you screwed up the border bigly. Who ever convinced you to go back to the Trump plan, needs a raise.

Biden administration reviving Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” border policy (msn.com)


That would be the Supreme Court.

They had to go back to it.

I should have known that nobody in the Biden administration would be smart enough to do anything that makes sense.

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Thank God. What colossal mess they have made.

You also should read the stories you post.


It’s a damned good idea to go back to this policy regardless. Biden had it FUBAR. Right?

I honestly don’t know. The camps where they were detained were dangerous, filthy, and unhealthy.

I’m not a huge fan of America being responsible for concentration camps.

Just do the math. The number of border crossers under Biden in July was well over 200,000. Trump’s last July was about 40,000.

There. Now you know.


So then throw open the borders then?

I don’t know what the answer is. I honestly do not.

As long as people living in poverty have children at the rates they do there is no answer.

So, it’s poor people’s fault for following natural laws?

How are we responsible? If I decide to crash any other countries border can I expect a better or worse result.

When a child is born in to poverty exactly whose fault is it? I suppose it’s each person’s prerogative to blame whoever they wish. For example, there’s a segment of the Left who will find a way to blame America for all the world’s ills. I suppose another way to view it is to simply not look at poverty as a problem, and view that as the natural order of things as well. Even in the year 2021, based on different sources I looked at, almost half of the world lives in varying degrees of poverty (about 700 million in extreme poverty).

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This will do more to end the pandemic than a single syllable Biden has uttered.

The Biden surge of migrants will justify a 180 in policy for many years to come.

I am quite happy about this. It is the ethical and humane policy choice.

As usual though, the leftist damage to this country is already done. :man_shrugging:

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They already are.

I know what the answer isn’t. Flooding the United States with the world’s poor. All the will do is make us more poor and more crowded. It’s unsustainable.

We cannot solve the problems of the world. We should stop trying.

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I wonder how many American lives have been lost, that were infected by COVID infected illegal aliens that came looking for their free healthcare Biden promised them?