Well so much for environmentalism . .

Listen to the media

They keep using the phrase “the new norm”

So is it a new normal we can expect this to be . . . or are we in an abnormal condition where we will be getting back to normal?

Nope. Same reason why the one of the largest recyclers in California went bust. If they can’t make money . . . they can’t pay employee’s . . . they can’t pay for materials and they have to shut down.

Yep. Private enterprise mostly does not behave in the interest of public health / environment unless mandated by Government.

All this over you using a plastic cup.

I’m a bit more concerned about people dying right now.

It’s a rural area but you’ve got lots of restaurants and gas stations? Couldn’t they all band together and once a month combine all their recycables and take them somewhere?

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One would think that would be obvious.

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After four years of “fake media!,” now you want me to listen to the media. Okay. If this is the new normal, there won’t even be gas stations to buy coffee from, let alone recycling centers. So let’s assume that’s hyperbole. Eventually we’ll have a vaccine for coronavirus or everyone will have gotten it and either died or survived. At that point, you can get back to refilling your coffee mug at the gas station and bashing environmental weenies for wanting to protect the planet.

We had a similar issue here in Cheyenne.

Residents in Cheyenne have their recyclables taken away by the city. I don’t know what they do with them! (I should find out, actually.)

But, people on the outskirts, and folks in Cheyenne, too, up until two years ago, could benefit from 4 different recycle collection points around the city. Big blue containers in the parking lots of our 4 big box stores. A couple for cardboard, one for plastic, even glass.

It was a business run for profit - I think they sold the stuff to China. (This was before the trade war started.)

But - there were no signs anywhere giving people a phone number to call when the containers got full. And people, being people, had driven all that way to get rid of their cardboard so if the containers were full they stacked the stuff beside the containers. Cheyenne wind took care of the rest.

so supposedly the stores complained about all the garbage blowing around the parking lot. If the recycle company had come out whenever the containers were full and emptied them (which they would have known if they’d provided a way to contact them), that problem could have been avoided. But, no.

So they closed all those recyclable stations and had half as many - half - on their own property.

And the same thing happened. I guess they had a set schedule to empty those containers and if all the cardboard ones were full the people were just supposed to go home and come back every day on the off chance that the containers were empty and they could get rid of the stuff in their cars.

Of course what happened was the people dumped it in frustration.

Another problem was the signage.

China businesses wanted CLEAN cardboard, not pizza boxes, greasy boxes of this and that. Common sense, I know, but most people ignored it and thew them all in. (I know because on more than one occasion I saw greasy pizza boxes flying around there).

So the shipment would get to China and be rejected.

Same with plastics. They wanted clean plastic bags. Even a single dirty plastic bag and the whole shipment would be rejected. (According to a newspaper article I read.)

Again, common sense, but that’s in short supply.

But, there were other plastics that were not acceptable.

And considering how important it was that people do things right so the shipments not be rejected, I would have thought the company would have put out humongous signs on the containers to make it very clear what was needed.

PLEASE - no greasy cardboard. This is not recyclable and costs us money. (People should have been able to understand that.)
PLEASE - here are photos of the plastics we can accept. If you DON"T see a photo of what you’re trying to get rid of, please put it in the trash container and not in our recyclable bin.

But, there were no signs on the cardboard.

On the plastics containers, there was a sgn saying, we only take #3, #4, #5.

What the heck ar #3, #4 and #5 and is the lowest common denominator going to take the time to look that up on line and find out?

Long story short, the recycling company closed shortly afterward. With no one to blame but themselves.

So now I’ve got a garage full of cardboard and take it down to Fort Collins every few months… most people I think just put it all in the trash.

Not just me. Typicall morning when I’m there 8 to 10 people with refillable mugs.

and yes people are dieing.

But think about it. They don’t want the “germs” to come off the cup you are bringing in or transfer from you.

Now-- we are all in close proximity to the cups. Our hands still touch the buttons to get the drinks. We still are all standing in a line at the machine and again at the cashier.

Yep. We need to be washing our hands.

Plastic cups come in wrapped containers and are stacked, not re-used.

Therefor, in a pandemic, they are preferred over everybody’s unwashed re-used travel mugs that they’re been touching and putting on their mouths

If you are so concerned, take the plastic cup home with you, wash it, and start collecting to recycle.

Personal responsibility

Yes we do

taken out of plastic and stacked in the open. Unless it’s in one of those “only one should come out at a time” containers where you have to hold the second cut from coming out with the one your grabbing.

Still don’t know where I would recycle. Fumes from my car on the 3+ hour round trip to the nearest big city kind of kills that savings don’t it?

Again, sounds like a local issue. Sorry.

People not dying is the priority right now

You might want to rest a spell.

Please tell me that’s not diet soda going into a giant mug in the morning. pLEASE!

Yes it is.

Because if I did regular soda – I’d be in the hospital in a coma.

medical necessity I drink Diet.

You don’t like coffee? Or can’t drink it for some reason?

Scroll back and you’ll see my post on how to make coffee taste better :smiley:

just like the WHO. it’s good that you keep the origins of the disease associated with the disease too. not everyone is this aware, but instead focused on silly PC nonsense in this crisis

“The WHO announced on May 1st that it will be dropping the designation of “swine flu”. The flu will henceforth be designated A H1N1, to be known more broadly as “the Mexican Flu”, intimating that the disease originated in Mexico through human to human transmission.“

I need to make you a cup, the smell alone waked you up.

Yep. The WHO shouldn’t have done that.

Wheww that was easy