Well so much for environmentalism . .

Refilable mug?

Banned at gas stations and coffe houses.
Sit down and eat dinner . . nope, were going to give it to you in Styrofoam/paper and give it to you in a plastic bag.

About the only thing going in environmentalisms favor is every is being laid off (so no driveing), the factories (select ones) are shutting down – so less polution but at what cost to society, the economy, and everyone’s mentals health.

Take this morning. I HAD to buy a plastic cup. Went over to their sing, poured it in my refilable mug. Used a couple paper napkins to whipe off what spilled, and then threw a perfectly good cup in the trash.


You got em now

So you think it’s better for the environment to use throw away cups?

Instead of meals on dishes, throw away containers?

Or do you just want to ignore the op.


I think its probably better for the environment to temporarily not spread disease.

But hey, that’s just me.

I think we should just use troughs that we all share.

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Too bad we still don’t have recycle containers

This isn’t the Swine Flu. Or as I like to call it

The Mexican Flu

Or the

Sombrero Burrito Flu


I prefer the coffee I make at home.


The only way, local roasters and pour over coffee, every morning. :stuck_out_tongue:

And here is where I get myself in trouble.

If you want something that tastes better than coffee, just go outside grab a handful of plain 'ol dirt, run water through it and drink it.


Environmentalism works, but it has to be implemented properly.

That’s where it falls down a lot of the time.

Your story?

DId you ask the clerk to put the coffee in your refillable mug so they wouldn’t have to waste a plastic cup? If she/he said no, that’s them being careless and it would perhaps help if you spoke to a manager and said, “Hey, I"m trying to be environmentally friendly and save you guys a cup. Please tell your people that if people bring in refillable mugs they can still estimate the size of a large or small coffee and put it in my cup.”

You threw the plastic cup away. Did the store have a container for plastic you could have put in in, or were you forced to put it in a single trash can? Again, tell the manager - why not have a separate receptacle for recyclable plastic?

If you do these steps and get slammed by the manager at every turn, write a letter to your local paper, expressing your frustration locally so perhaps something can be done about it.

If people would work with each other a little bit, instead of being passive aggressive and working to defeat the whole good process just because their irritated by it…well, I guess that’s human nature but it’s a pity.

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It’s by order of the health department. No refillable mugs/cups at any store.

I live in a rural area, there are NO recycling containers, drop offs, or anything of the like.

If it’s the health department, is that for the coronavirus?

So normally the clerks do refill your mug for you?

Thats on the health department, not environmentalists. And seems kind of dumb if its your own mug you always use.

A letter to the paper would be in order, pleading for sanity!

I live in a rural area, there are NO recycling containers, drop offs, or anything of the like.

No reason why your gas stations can’t invest in them.

That’s where the passive aggressiveness comes in. These folks are probably annoyed that they have toi invest some money in recycle containers, and won’t do it.

So what works elsewhere exacerbates the problem there

Some communication all around might help. Community meeting to get the problem and ‘catch-22’ of recycling out in the open so people understand what environmentalists are trying to do and work toward a solution.


I still think there’s a case to be made that a temporary use is a net positive, given the COVID-19 context. Hospitalizations will use far more plastic than a coffee cup.

Same thing over here, but in this area, disposable cups and napkins are compostable. (No local laws, just local attitudes). My disposable cup will be composted and return as part of a plant.


No. We bring the cups in and fill them ouselves just as we would with the cup we purchase.

Where would they turn them in? (No recyclers anyplace near here, they would just end up putting it in the dumpster).

Sounds like a local issue. Maybe ask the business to have a recycle container. Or better yet, donate one

It’s obviously temporary. Or do you just want to ignore the pandemic?

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two years ago a company came in, put recycling containers all around the county. withing 6 months they pulled out saying they were loosing too much money.

So if a business has a recycling container – what then? Who picks it up? If I donate one same issue who picks up the goods?

You make a good point. Private enterprise doesn’t give a ■■■■ about the environment.