Well now she’s gone and done it…

That’s all well and good, but what is the purpose of her trip?

Posturing most likely or just wanting to give a ■■■■ you to Biden. I doubt she made a conscious decision to stick it to the Chinese.

She most definitely did not go to check on her husbands investments. She can do that from the comfort of her own home. I know thats a far more comfortable explanation for the right but it just does not stack up.

Regardless it was a pointless trip apart from the fact that it was a big ■■■■ you to China which even if it was just a by product was actually nice to see.

My guess it was for her legacy. Retiring soon.


This as well. Though I doubt she wants to retire. It is time for her and the rest of the old guard dems to make way for younger dems (for better of worse).

I find it hilarious that libs talk more about trump than anyone else.


It is not impossible that
this is the beginning of
a long term blockade by China.

Not likely. More likely it is China demonstrating that they can impose a blockade.

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It didn’t.

No doubt to help set up shop in America for chip manufacturing?


Why is that nice to see? What does it accomplish other than to hurt importers and exporters of goods in both the US and China?

One last junket on the taxpayer’s dime? :wink:

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trade is not going to be damaged. Sure the Chinese will bluster and bellow but ultimately they want the global market so they are not going to hurt that.

I didn’t say trade, I said traders.

Okay I misread.


Think of the carbon footprint!

And it wasn’t just one jet flying over there.


Sheesh? So you’re blaming your misread on me? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Best if we do no business with China.

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The conventional wisdom just might be correct this time.
The conventional wisdom is that there are some very bad people in China, a bad-guy nationalist wing of the CCP. (Hitler/Tojo types)

They are kept in check, for now by the wing of the party that is 100% motivated by foreign trade, especially when it involves the West opening factories in China.

If we cut-off China, the good guys have no leverage and the bad guys come to power.
You don’t have to agree but you’d be a fool to dismiss it without some serious thought.

Well it seems I was wr…… wro…… wrong, there I said it. I am hanging my head in shame. No, It seems that Nancy’s trip was not about setting up her husband Paul and herself to make millions with insider trader info at all.

BUT, by sheer coincidence, Nancy took along her dear son PAULIE Jr. on her little jaunt, and little PAULIE just happens to have business interests in…… wait for it……

Wow, isn’t that amazing?? Seems the little tyke has interests in the EV industry!! Now what are the odds that Nancy just happened to schedule a visit to three of those countries on what will probably be her last trip before she retires?

And you would think Nancy would be proud her son was along, but it seems he was a little camera shy and Nancy was so interested in NOT making the trip about him, that she even has the shout out from the President Of Taiwan to her son deleted from the official transcript! It is almost as if Nancy didn’t want anyone to know her son went along…

What a Patriot! Going to demonstrate her bravery by thumping her nose at China, at showing her solidarity with the people of Taiwan, by forwarding the interests and power of the United States!!

You go Nancy!! Seriously, just go…


And the enriching of the swamp creatures and their families continue unabated while the peons try to decide if they should buy gas to get to work or if it’s Littly Timmy’s turn not to eat tonight because the money only goes so far now.

But don’t you dare question it!!!

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