Well lookie here...Pfizer CEO cashed out 60% of his stock

…the day Pfizer did their vaccine press release.

Was a pre-schedule sale.

Sure it was just good luck the news on the vaccine came out the day of his sale.

Don’t ever mock my cynicism.

If this vaccine actually doesn’t work, this guy will be crucified.

Beautiful timing.

he just wanted to maximize the amount of taxes he will pay under comrade biden


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Sounds like market manipulation to me.

Seems short-sighted to me.

If the vaccine is approved, stock will fly.

(Unless he knows that something will fail, and then the stock will plummet.)

it was a pre scheduled sale set up in august

It’s already down off that Monday spike.

Hey I still hope the vaccine will work.

But I am a hardened cynic…find the black cloud in every silver lining.

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What is your definition of work?

Right now out of a population of 330 million, 10 million have had Covid-19. That leave 320 million.

Now say every single person gets the vaccine – 90% effective – so 10% would be expected to get the virus. 320 million x 10% . . . another 32 million could get Covid-19 even with a vaccine.

Is that your definition of “work”?

How long will it take to vaccinate 1 million people? Can we do that in a day?

He could have stopped it, obviously he has info that we don’t know but you have to have to admit it looks fishy after basically winning the coronavirus vaccine race and claiming a 90% success ratio.

The only direction the stock should go is up if they release the vaccine and it works as they say, why would anyone sale holding a winner like that (If True). I would double down if that 90% number is true and the vaccine was about to hit the market in the middle of a pandemic.

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The virus would eventually die out from lack of hosts at that rate. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong on this but the whole thing people referred to about herd immunity was achieving that 60%-70% so the virus would eventually die out because it would eventually have had no where to go, at least that was my understanding of what the Swedes were trying to achieve.

OTOH if the vaccine is successful, he will be kicking himself in the head because the stock price will go even higher.

Not how it works really, When you get that low transmission comes to a relative standstill.

Yeah that’s what I meant, I guess I didn’t articulate it enough. I agree it you’re sitting on a winner why in the hell sell.

Maybe this is the reason he is selling was just reading this on Bloomberg

“After they reach vaccination centers, the shots must be thawed from -70 degrees celsius and injected within five days, if not they go bad.

Then the herculean journey from warehouse freezer to rolled-up sleeve must be undertaken all over again – to deliver the second booster shot a month later.”

Maybe he thinks one of the other companies will come out with something easier to administer, still it stinks. Usually when you see any insider trading they might sell 5% or 10% sometimes more. But the CEO selling 60% of his own company now that’s a huge amount of your companies stock that’s basically saying you don’t have faith.

I am thinking it was sixty percent of his stock, not sixty percent of the entire companies stock.

The protein-based vaccines will overtake the mRNA vaccines because they only have to be refrigerated.

Yes the fact these vaccines have to be stored at -96 degrees is an issue.

I know I never traded anywhere near close to any sort of announcement from my company. Nobody wants to be Martha Stewart.

Yep 60% of his Pfizer stock which is a tremendous amount. I have a pretty cool app it’s free called insider forms that updates inside trading.

Dear Lord the guy has a lot of shares

I tend to agree I read where the JnJ vaccine is only one shot as well, no booster needed. I think the other company really close Moderna is mRNA like Pfizer.