Well lookie here...Pfizer CEO cashed out 60% of his stock

If they work, mRNA vaccines will be the bridge to the better ones.

And my God if the mRNA ones don’t provide relatively long-lasting immunity, we might be better off waiting for the protein based ones because the expense!

Which doesn’t necessarily mean the date of the announcement wasn’t maybe, adjusted a little. In any case, the stock didn’t shoot up all that much .
Maybe about 7% at the high point for the day.

It was near the company’s 52 week high.

Now if the CEO knows he’s sitting on a gold mine, then this was a stupid sale and he should have called it off.

But Pfizer has a bad record with its press releases…which is why I was suspicious of its good news to begin with.

Can’t even vaccinate 1 in 1 day.

Requires 2 shots weeks apart.

It is just about now where it was in August. It was higher last January than now. There was no big spike.

Who is Greg Simon?

It appears Biden was Pfizer’s candidate of choice when it came to donations.

By 4 cents.

If I was Bourla, I would retire from Pfizer early next year and find me a government job. Maybe ambassador or representative to WHO.

I have to admit, I thought the gains would have been more, but yeah after Monday it declined and has leveled off a little.
Currently in the red.
I still think it’s worth keeping an eye out in the coming months. Probably worth purchasing a few shares.

I do understand your cynicism, though.

I was going to guess Paul’s brother, but that’s too Simple…

The mRNA vaccines had the advantage of being able to be scaled quickly.

But they have to be stored at -96 and then have to be used within five days when they get to the “last mile” and can be refrigerated normally.

They will be the bridge to when the protein-based vaccines, which just need normal refrigeration (and in the case of J&J’s, just one dose) are ready.

So maybe Bourla knew…

Pfizer is the context.

Well, there is a J&J vaccine that could replace it when the booster shots are due.

Wonder what Pfizer’s stock price will look like then?