Well it looks like the options for independent voters is between two mentally deficient and sexually perverted individuals?

As I read the many comments from those on this forum, it is fair to conclude that the consensus from those about the candidate they oppose is as I stated above in the title of the OP. Personally I don’t like either person and wish there was a viable independent party that was largely libertarian, fiscally conservative socially liberal/middle or largely a political socially. But I digress.

Nonetheless, here we are with these two choices. It seems to me that in American politics today it really is much more about what policies and philosophy you agree with more than anything else?

For this discussion let me put this out there. How many of you genuinely respect or admire either of these two?

Looks like everyone will be adopting the dismissal Trump supporters have been using for nearly 4 years now:

“Policy, not personality.”

My pervert is better then your pervert…

My pervert can beat up your pervert…

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There are those who like to play the moral high ground argument, which personally I view as a bunch of BS. Personally I was disappointed that Trump was the Republican nominee. The fact is though the Democratic Party is still in a position to have a different candidate. Force Biden out.

Option 1

Multiple Divorces
Cheated on multiple wives
Children out of wedlock
Over 20 women alleged sexual assault
Paid off one mistresses
Bragged about sexual assault

Option 2

No divorces
1 woman alleged sexual assault

Who do you choose for the morality award?


More like this.

“My pervert is not as perverted as your pervert and my guy is not as brain dead as your guy!”

This is true… but the gap is super wide

I actually do admire Biden.

Who here can prove Bidens been faithful? Not getting divorced doesn’t necessarily mean one has been faithful like the Hillary/Bill example.

If one’s making a list, I’d take it more seriously if examples of creepy actions towards little girls is not left off of it.

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Trump supporters will continue to defend, deny, and deflect for Donald because for whatever reasons suit them best (economy, saving Christmas, irritating libs yuk yuk, etc.)

I am an Independent but if Biden has the best chance of defeating Donald I will adopt the same methods as Trump supporters to support Biden, because I despise Donald just that much.

Exactly, no one here knows that.

Well do you have evidence that he cheated?

I’ll add creepy actions for both of them… Trump talked about his daughter sexually

Trump beats his wife

It is more than one woman who has expressed issues they have had with Biden:

Don’t the Democrats still have time to force Biden out and have a different nominee?

I didn’t claim he was faithful so what evidence do I need for my statement?

There are a lot of things no one can prove here.

No one here can prove that Donald and Ivanka Trump aren’t in an incestuous relationship.

No one here can prove that Joe Biden isn’t being paid in secret to destroy America by the Iranian government.

No one here can prove that Melania Trump isn’t a KGP sleeper agent.

No one here can prove that Bernie Sanders isn’t Jared Kushner’s father.

But there are a lot of things it just makes sense to accept.

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You need evidence of faithfulness to believe someone is faithful?

Do you think Trump beats his wife? Molests kids?

depends on whether you count child moleststion and rape. if you don’t count those, very faithful

Those pictures that have been posted in other threads with his daughter are definitely creepy.