Well at least she didn’t say “fwiend”

Every time I think Kamala Harris has hit her lowest level of stupidity, she opens her mouth and proves me wrong.

Seriously Libs, this cackling moron is who you support in dealing with literally anything? Her utter incompetence is obvious in everything she’s been tasked with. She is less comprehensible than Biden, and that is almost unbelievable.

When asked about a US response and commitment to help with refugees in Poland, her response was to break into her signature laughter and say “ A friend in need is a friend indeed” while pointing back to the Polish representative and desperately wishing that he would take over so she wouldn’t have to demonstrate once again her idiocy in front of the world.

And this is the person you deliberately chose to place a heartbeat away from the presidency of our country?? As if he’s not bad enough…

How much damage has to be done to our country by the clowns you voted for before you admit your mistake?


All of these complaints are hilarious

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She really is a special kind of case. :rofl:


“Thitithens!” — Biggus of Rome

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And I am confident your verbal description is entirely accurate and even handed.

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Yup. Just watched it. As expected, another conservative tempest in a tea pot.
You really ought to put the phone down and try gardening or something. This much gnashing can’t be good for your teeth.


What specifically are you talking about?

She has achieved absolutely nothing beneficial to this country. Everywhere she goes she does nothing but reveal her incompetence and makes America look stupid for putting her and Joe in office. Have you heard the way she speaks? She can’t even talk to children without sounding like an imbecile, and when she can’t answer a question, which is always, she resorts to inappropriate laughter. Have you seen the clips of her?

Is there anything about her that instills confidence in you that she is up to the job? ANY job?

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I suspect she gets the same reaction as he got, except she’s not fictional…

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Well if you’re inclined to provide a list of her accomplishments on behalf of America or provide some explanations on her apparent lack of intelligence when speaking to people, by all means go ahead my fwiend.

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Well, aside from her NBC status,…

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Opinions don’t really have to be even handed, but my pointing out her inability to not turn into an idiot when trying to talk intelligently to people is not opinion. You can’t make the videos of her go away simply by ignoring them. And as to her accomplishments, what are they?

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Someone should build a sports arena spanning the US - Canada border.

That way a basketball ref can call someone for international traveling.

She is simply the result of lib discernment (Kamala hackle, hackle hackle). :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass: :+1:


You must have had a hell of a time holding your tongue during the last administration…lol

What in the world is going on in here?

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Like I don’t even get the title, “fwiend” is uWu weeaboo nonsense.

This will no doubt destroy the NATO alliance.

That’s general, and in that I agree. But I asked for specifically.

Samm, what is this “fwiend” business? I can’t find it, I was wondering if you knew.