Well...any questions I may have about Biden and his beloved authoritarian

deer popcorn

Are there experts and scientists recommending this, or is biden just out there making ■■■■ up and the empty pothead did her usual nod-along.

That was rhetorical, correct?

No. I heard we have to follow the advice of experts and scientists, and joe biden is neither, and the empty pothead is even less.

I am skeptical any reputable scientist or doctor would advocate mandatory masks for anyone out of doors regardless of whether anyone was near them. If they would, they are quacks.

In addition, acting like masks are the be all and end all to protect yourself from this virus is going to get a lot of people killed. Masks are something you wear when you can’t get social distance, not infallible protection from this disease.

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Are there experts and scientists recommending this, or is biden just out there making ■■■■ up and the empty pothead did her usual nod-along.

That is the part that I was referring to as rhetorical.

So libs…what else are you going to mandate?

is it authoritarianism when you need to put on a shirt to order something from McDonalds?

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The feds require that?

most states require it.

So it has nothing to do with the Biden/Harris authoritarianism being discussed then?

If people are outside and are doing proper social distancing the risk of passing the virus is very low.
However how many people that are outside without a mask also going inside and contacting with others?
Trump wants to open up businesses and schools. But without flatting the curve in states where there are large outbreaks that is going to fail. Control the virus and you control the economy and getting back to normal. How bad does this have to get before people get that this isn’t a political deal. It’s a health of our nation deal.

Trump’s own CDC is saying that masks and social distancing is important.

So let me ask those that are against masks. Today’s death count was 1,236. Don’t you want to bring that number way down? And do you agree with the CDC that by wearing a mask and proper social distancing would help?

Biden can pressure states to enforce mask indoor via health code laws.
just like Trump is pressuring states to reopen schools.

Sure, and I wear a mask when I can’t social distance or avoid close contact. Like a sane person, not by myself in the middle of an empty field.

Yet he has no authority to do anything if they tell him to pound sand. Trump at least holds some power.

Yes he does. And he is not using it because he is not believing the science. And there are a bunch of governors who are taking his lead. And look where they are. I believe that Trump is incapable of leading on this deal. And therefore he ignores it and talks about football and shower heads. And there are a number of voters out there that are looking for leadership in these bad times. And so I believe that the ignore science for political gain is going to backfire on Trump and the leaders who are following his lead.
Like I said, control the virus and you can control everything else. And right now I don’t see us controlling this virus anytime soon.

If I’m outside working and you come up to me and ask why I’m not wearing a face mask…run.

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Do you agree with mask mandate outside for a minimum of three months?

Trumpists fretting authoritarianism is like cannibals complaining about restaurant refrigeration rules.