Well...any questions I may have about Biden and his beloved authoritarian

democrats has been answered. They will run things with iron fist, and will use government to enforce his authority.

Well I have two words for em.

I do not wear a mask outdoors…you libs have no Constitutional authority to force me. And if police decide to enforce those silly rules are prime example that defunding police would be correct action to take.


Biden didn’t look too good.

Didn’t take any questions either. Smart. They would have asked about that “plan”.


They have a friend in Wisconsin. Wear masks in your own home on a Zoom call.

Because it’s not about safety, it’s about appearances.

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Well, as one of their sycophants said today, that strategy is working for them.

But don’t call their supporters sheep for never questioning them or berating the opposition for daring to.

But you wear a mask when you go into a store so its all good.

That’s not how computer viruses work. :rofl:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Nice one.

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They also said they would hire 100,000 contact tracers as soon as they take office.

A county in New York issued subpoenas with a significant fine attached to force people to give information to contact tracers.

Kamala was very condescending to “Joe” as well.

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That’s because she is running the show now.


The no questions strategy is not sustainable.
Rioting, looting okay, no masks require punishments. Empty the prisons of criminals to make room for the mask deniers.

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My opinion, but she treated him like a daughter treats an elderly father.

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An elderly father who is losing it more and more every day.

Wisconsin is a state. They are given police power and if they believe a mask requirement is necessary, that is at least in their jurisdiction. How is Biden going to enforce a nationwide mask mandate? The
FBI? A new federal police force of mask enforcers?

It’s only day 2.

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Yes, I was just pointing out that the Wisconsin edict is about perception and appearance, not about safety.

But, to answer your question about how, he will not be enforcing it. He will have these governors pull that edict out and enforce it for him state by state. Watch how quickly the dem governors fall in line with this suggested mandate from the new heroes. Watch how quickly those states that don’t fall in line are ridiculed and threatened.

defunded police roaming the streets harassing the non maskers…

Kemosabe has left the building…

It was pretty funny when Kamala followed up with, “that’s what real leadership looks like. We just witnessed real leadership”.
No questions is real leadership. That’s the new Democrat standard.

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Yep, and that sychopant Marie Harf was all over their strategy of no questions as being a winner since it’s working for them. :rofl: They have barely started.

That “winning strategy” will bite them in the nether regions.

And what will the do with those 100,000 tracers after this pandemic is over? What will they be use for next?

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Authoritarianism is not leadership.

So my question to forum libs. What o you think should happen to those that refuse to wear mask outdoors?