Well...any questions I may have about Biden and his beloved authoritarian


This pairs nicely with Grandwazoo’s recent post.

Oh bull feathers. How long you been saving that one? Trump hasn’t done anything authoritarian anymore than Obama or any of the rest of them.

From what I understand most transmissions come from people touching infected surfaces and then touching their face.

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So he wants to do away with someone else’s mandate, but he’s the authoritarian?

It has also been shown that a cough or a sneeze can launch the virus quite a few feet and that it can remain suspended in air for quite a few seconds depending on the air currents. There isn’t any definative studies on which has the higher instance of infection. But I certainly agree with the Doctor I heard a few weeks ago who said that you should consider that anyone you come in contact with might be infected.

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One of the steps all dictatorships take is to turn neighbors and family members into rats. Look for school children to be asked by teachers or school administrators if mommy and daddy are wearing masks. Look for anonymous mask hotlines to be established. Don’t think Libs won’t find a way to enforce their will upon America. They will fund a mask task force with the money they are robbing from all the police departments. Obedience to the state in the name of public safety must be established.


by working with states to pass uniformed policy.
you know the job of the President.

Which he is NOT right now.

of course because he isn’t the President.

Then he doesn’t have the power to do squat except talk.

If such a mandate came from the federal government, yes.


again? Saw that.
Beyond scary.

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I want to see the clip taken in secret where she pushes him down in a chair and says “shut up. Joe”.

It will happen. Maybe.

So you don’t want to see the curve flattened? That we get the virus under control?

Saving? Not at all. Visceral, honest response. Trumpists never get to whimper about authortarianism and claim integrity.


What is this with mandating outdoors? What I am saying is that wither inside or out, if you can’t properly social distance a mask should be required. It’s simple.

There is nothing authoritarian about Trump.

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I hope everyone is seeing this. The are using their so-called concerns about our health against us. They well force what we can eat, how to exercise…and those so-called trackers will be monitors.

You see libs here defending this. you see them trying to claim Trump is this and that. But they can’t name one thing where Trump imposed his beliefs, his authority on them.

Scary times were these libs are taking us.