Welcome our newest moderator

@Medicswife2002. Please treat her with the dignity and respect you’ve given Snow and myself. Wait, scratch that…please just treat her right.


Thank you GW!

Where you just lurking all this time because you dont post much?


The sentiment is shared … from a posters’ point of view :wink:

Congratulations, Medicswife!

Hope this turns out to be an enjoyable venture for you :+1:

Hello and yes --big lurker. I was on the original site too. I love reading this forum and hope it’s around a long long time. :):smiley:

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Yeah I know you were on there as well…
Just raises a lot of questions as to why you became a mod.

Snow and I asked her if she would. We remember her from the old board, and even though she hasn’t posted much here, we recall her sound judgment from there. She’s read a lot here which indicated that she’s active daily and could be very useful in getting some of you libs to repent for your evil ways :smile:

Ah ■■■■■ I said that last part out loud…

See i was told you didnt need the help…I mean do what you want but dont blow smoke up my ass…
I just like being right…

Hopefully this means she will post more…

She didn’t grab your laptop and make herself mod while at a Hannity get-together, did she? :sweat_smile:


Good choice!

She’s also a carry over from the old board as well

Yes…I know…i was there .

I’ll give you a grace period of one week before the nightmare begins. :wink:

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Congratulations and welcome to the crew medicswife. :slight_smile:

hello and welcome!

~Sits quietly in the corner loading a new cartridge in the tazer while keeping an eye on conan~

Great choice! She’s awesome! I love her posts.

Had that talk with her? :rofl:

Poor girl doesn’t know what she got herself into.