Weekend at Bernie's Pt 2 Bernie Get's a Boo Boo

Part 2 Bernie gets a boo boo.

Geriatric Bernie has gone full on Harry Reid. Bernie is having stability and balance issues reminiscent of the Hillary campaign. In addition to running for the first octogenarian president of the United States, he’s running into glass shower doors requiring stitches. It sure would be a conciliatory gesture if Hillary were to donate her Scooby-Doo medically equipped van to Bernie during his campaign. Kind of a reparation, an amends for rigging the last primary against him. Bernie’s family may want to take a closer look at an assisted living facility for Bernie. His safety should be their top concern during his declining years.




Health is definitely an important issue.

Who wants to vote for someone that might die while in office?
I would think that they would feel cheated, like their vote
wasn’t worth any thing.

Or someone that may have dementia having their finger on the nuke button.
Let alone a Socialist that may have Dementia! lmao!

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I wonder if Bernie boy is happy or sad that Democrat Politicians
are embracing Socialism so much?

Happy because he’s been a Socialist before it was cool, and he wants
it for America.

Sad, because he’s the King of Socialism, and yet if he doesn’t win in the Primary’s
someone else will be the King or Queen of pushing Socialism and not him. lol.

I just want to make sure that his “feelings” don’t get hurt.
Poor old white guy.

Glass shower doors could be the one thing standing between Bernie and the nomination. Let’s hope his family has hired a medical aid assistant similar to the one Hillary had.
Physical safety is crucial for the eldery. He gets so red too. Not sure what’s up with that. Maybe blood pressure related or circulation problems.

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I’m surprised that Bernie Sanders is still alive after Trumps 2019 State of the Union address. He look like he was going to have a heart attack.

Here watch;

The TDS is real.
Combination of anger and frustration.
Under his breath he was mumbling “don’t be afraid of the word Incontinence”.

I dunno. Maybe his shoes were just too tight.


He’s an old white man. I thought the Democratic Media hated those people? lol.

That’s most Democrat Politicians in today’s society in general. lol

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like trump? He’s an old man with definite mental problems.

Trump keeps his campaing promises. He’s President, and Hillary isn’t.
Most Democrats are still mentally not over the fact that he won.

Most Americans, even most Dems don’t want total Socialism in America.
Therefore, who is really not in touch with the reality of what the American
people want in America? I’d say the Democratic Party, and most of all
the King of Socialism, Bernie Sanders.

If President Trump ran into a glass shower door requiring medical attention, the alt left would trip over themselves to post about here.

That’s true. Having said that, while a candidate’s health is a valid issue, it’s probably bad karma to mock old people for falling. You’ll be there soon enough.

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I’m not sure that Bernie fell. I think he may have just run right into that glass shower door. Also, I don’t believe in karma. I’m perfectly okay with mocking Bernie Sanders. There’s a lot of material there.

The Democrats wanna go as young as they can. Trying to get 16 year olds to vote.
I think that it’s ageism vs. 12 year old. or possibly younger.

I realize almost everything that the Democrat Politicians oppose end up
Politically correct, but while I still have Freedom of Speech, I’m going to talk
about the health of Democrat Politicians. Hillary had the coughing spells,
and now Bernie at almost 80 wants to be President. It wouldn’t
be that much of a factor solely based on his age, but it’s the fact that if
he is getting so fragile that he can’t even walks straight, that’s not a good
sign that he should be President.

When you hit 80, the decline accelerates

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One of the reasons I’m not high on Sanders, Biden or Warren.

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In Bernie’s case, he is swandiving into senility.

No not like Trump, more like Biden!


You got that right, they’d all be wearing bandages.


TDS sympton #28.
Uncontrollable urge to go full TDS in a Bernie thread.

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