Weapons Watching

My intent is each night, at 10 pm mountain time, to list the deaths of the day and the weapons that caused them.

How many violent deaths each day in the US are caused by guns, how many by knives, how many by vehicles used as weapons, how many by trucks loaded with fertilizer?

Info will be from a Google search.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Guns - 5 dead, 21 injured in west Texas shooting (2 shooters in 2 separate vehicles); 10 people shot by 17-year-old male at high school football game in Alabama. 1 dead, 4 wounded in Charlotte, NC.

Knives - None found for US. In England, 2 people knifed in robberies within hours of each other.

Cars as Weapons - None found

Trucks loaded with fertilizer and used as bomb - None found

Oh cool. Just like the Iraq War death count.


I actually got the idea from a few posts from folks who say that a truck full of fertilizer killed more people than gun violence in a year, as if that were equivalent, or maunder on about how knives are just as deadly as guns…

Hopefully I won’t have any deaths to report during September.

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Are you telling me there were NO fatal accidents today that were caused by the driver being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol anyplace in the United States today? Because if you get behind the wheel impared . . . your vehicle has become a weapon.

Certain things don’t fit the talking points/agenda.

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Are we comparing car accidents to mass shooting accidents?

How many people are killed each day when someone chooses to get behind the wheel of a vehicle impaired. They make a concious choice just like a shooter chooses to use a gun.

So how many people were killed today by impared drivers? Without that your statistics are worthless.

It’s because Hollywood doesn’t glamorize knives, flamethrowers, cars, or explosives as weapons of mass murder.

And thank God that they chose to glamorize such an inefficient weapon. Otherwise things would be so much worse.

There is nothing “accidental” about car wrecks involving alcohol.

It is a premeditated, criminal act.

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I am going to drink a lot and get into an accident sounds so planned.

Anyways. Total individuals carrying out an intentional mission to kill with their car today appears nil as reported.

So your saying the dead shooter in Texas got in his car with the intent of . .

A) shooting a cop behind him.
B) after shooting a cop was going on a rampage
C) after starting the rampage hijack a truck
d) after hijacking a truck continue the rampage.


Have you checked the online newspapers of every city in the United States to see? Not many make national news you know.

I agree. Him picking up his gun and shooting several was an accident.

How many people were pulled over today and accidently shot a bunch of people?

We should do something about gun violence and put curbs on traffic stops.

This is only ONE of dozens that came up in a good search:

Three people onboard the Ford Focus were taken to Western Arizona Medical Center in Bullhead City. One of those passengers, a 73-year-old male died as a result of his injuries.

The driver of the Mercedes Benz was arrested on suspicion of DUI, he sustained no injuries as a result of the crash.

If this man was impaired as they believe, here is just ONE story from today where a person with intent became impared and chose to drove and it ended in one death and 2 injuries.

So we need to ad 1 death to the stats up in the op for cars being used to kill people (and add 2 injuries.

When you drink and drive and kill someone it’s NOT an accident. It’s a choice the driver made. Just like the dead gunman chose his weapn – a gun. The DUI driver chose a vehicle as their weapon.

So the what law do you propose that would have stopped the dead gunman based on the information that is available rigtht now.

I want to hear it come on. You MUST have a law that he would have followed, or would have stopped him.

Lets hear it.

Why not? Dead is dead. How or why doesn’t really matter to the dead.