Weapons Watching

Have you ever seen the John Wick movies? I lost count on the number of people he killed before the first half hour was up. I wonder what Keanu Reeves thinks about gun control.


I fail to see the relevance of your question to this topic. It seems to me it is one of the most obvious non sequiturs that I have read on this forum.

The op is keeping track of killings in the US.

I found one that they missed that should be in his stats. Something tells me dozens of other are missing from his stats as well.

Exactly for the most obvious reason is the motivation behind the person getting behind the wheel as opposed to someone using a gun for the sole purpose of killing people.

Your proof that dead killer in texas got his gun for the sole purpose of killing people?

Except you are not talking about the same thing. If you cite 1 billion (UK) similar samples you still will not be talking about the same thing.

No you did not. Let me repeat:no you did not.

Let me give you a hint: have a look at the title of the topic.

I didn’t say that. I will leave it at that though I would like to be able to expand on it.

Guns, knifes, and cars as weapons.

Again, if you get into a car drunk and kill someone. The vehicle was used as a weapon. Like it or not.

Motivation doesn’t mean diddly to the dead.


That is just patent nonsense as the intent was not for the car to be used for that purpose,

Your comment has no relevance to the topic.

Good initiative, poor judgement.

Your peers will continue falling over each other to start a new topic with every news piece that helps them complain about other people having rights they don’t like.

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One small example among countless where Hollywood glamorizes gunplay. Glad to see the industry doing its part to keep these lunatics’ attention forcused on guns (inefficient) as opposed to something that could really do serious damage (knives).

Didn’t choose to get into an accident.

Sounds like a suicide to me. Person knew there could be drunks out yet went into the road anyways.

What a morbid thread.

Is it to wallow in the deaths?

Or is it to press a political point?

What’s the point here?

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Nope its not.